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Got something to sell or trade? Feel free to post in this group!
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Please read the stickie at the opening page of this topic.
drmoss_ca wrote:1. To sell or trade you must have 25 posts to your credit. 2. No auctions allowed.
3. If you are a vendor advertising your business, or if you are directing traffic to your eBay auction, you should not post in this forum but in the Shopping forum.
4. Sellers should edit the title of their thread to reflect completed status when an item is sold. When six months old, the thread will be deleted. Threads can be deleted sooner at the request of the seller - PM any moderator.
5. Shavemyface.com offers no guarantee with respect to member to member sales or trades. Any dispute arising should be settled privately between the parties concerned. The seller can set his own price and sell to whomsoever he chooses. We do not permit auctions. Caveat emptor should be your watchword.
6. We request members not post negative feedback. What you say to each other in private messages is your business, but such things are not to be posted - to do so might expose SMF to legal liability. By all means record satisfactory transactions in the appropriate sticky thread.
7. These guidelines may be amended as circumstances should arise.


Now get to posting!
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