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I have two shaving stands made by Ems Place for sale. Each stand has a total of four forks for holding a mixture of razors and brushes. These stands can be seen at

The price for each stand is $21 plus shipping via USPS (at cost). Both have been gently used and are in near new condition. The details are as follows:

1. Chrome/silver. Large Base. One Double Fork to hold two razors (listed as "A"). A second Double Fork (listed as "B") to hold two brushes

2. Gold. Regular Base. One Double Fork to hold a brush and razors (listed as "C"). Two Single Forks to hold one brush each (listed as "B")

The brush forks have some flexibility to support various brush sizes and the razor forks will support most of the Merkur DE razor models.

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Pm sent on the silver one!!
Looking for Merkur open comb, Shavette to buy/trade.
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If only those would hold a straight
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