SOLD: Original Figaro P.160 Shaving Soap

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SOLD: Original Figaro P.160 Shaving Soap

Post by churchilllafemme » Mon Feb 27, 2017 12:54 pm

I've decided to sell a few more 100g chunks of this wonderful old shaving soap, because I just have too much to ever use. This is the original tallow P.160, which has not been available retail for many years. I think I detect a faint scent of almond, but that may just be my imagination. If you want strong fragrance, you can add a spray or two of a cologne or eau de toilette while you build the lather, which I have done with Creed Original Santal, or add a touch of a shaving cream to make a superlather. The soap easily makes incredible lather, rich and slick, some of the best I've ever experienced, and its skin care is great. I am going to cut off approximate 100g slices from the block, which can be held in your palm or can be grated and pressed into a bowl or container, as shown in the image. The container shown is just for illustration and is not for sale. SOLD

$18 shipped for 100g, or $50 for all 300g of it.

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