Bump Zapper?

Ok, so we've got shaving all taken care of but what about that hair and the rest of your face? Get the low down on shampoo's, conditioners, finishers, cleansers, toners and moisturizers right here!
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Bump Zapper?

Post by samiam »

Someone posted this over at B&B, I was curious to see if anyone here had seen it?

http://www.cvs.com/CVSApp/cvs/gateway/d ... catid=2981

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Post by Bob »

Sam, my feelings on "anti-bump" products are pretty much the same as "anti-nick" products. If you're getting enough ingrowns or nicks to justify the purchase of a specialty product, there is most likely a problem with your technique. Solving that technique problem should be your primary concern.

OK, now the "Nick B Gone" and "Bump Annihilator" aficionados can have at me.
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Post by samiam »

I entirely agree with you...here's my take.

There was a major problem with my technique for a good 2 weeks or so, and now my face is irritated enough that even good technique is bothering it.

I think I'm just going to throw in the towel and go to the dermatologist. There are no new bumps appearing perse, the old ones just get inflamed every time I shave.
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Post by paperpundit »

I use Bump Patrol fairly often, but not for my face...for my head and neck. I can take the occasional bump on my face, but not on my head or the back of my neck...

That said, I've found a cheap astringent from the dollar store works pretty well, too. Just pour it on your hand and slap it on a few times a day, and the bumps will go away...

Ingrowns, they are another thing. But for bumps, these clear it up well.

If they are so bad that you can't shave, take a couple of days off, hit it heavy with the astringent and zit pads, and try again.

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Post by samiam »

Bump Patrol and zit cream haven't gotten the job done unfortunately...
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Post by tone »

don't rush everything, took me a while to realise this method of shaving will NOT happen overnight, it takes time, and more time but it is worth it.

Bumps will not last forever, so don't shave until they disappear and then, if your technique really is better then it won't happen again.

Also, from experience with horrible bumps, rash and ingrowns the less you put on your face the better. As soon as i nailed technique and eliminated other 'bad skin' products my skin is as smooth as a snooker ball.

I now think of all these wonder products the same way I think of things like anti dandruff shampoo or spot cream. If they really worked then you would only need to buy it once and the company wouldn't make any money. You really think all this stuff works? I used to, but doubt it now.

This isn't magic, it's just the way it is. Patience patience patience.
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