I just try Claus Porto and Hawaiian Bath soap

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I just try Claus Porto and Hawaiian Bath soap

Post by chris1978 » Sat Feb 13, 2010 9:41 am

Hi Guys,

How are you today?! I haven't been in the fourm lately. So I want to say all of you. I have to two things to tell you:

But first, I finally got Claus Porto Orange Amber 3 small 5.2 oz bar soap in the mail yeaterday and I was little dissapointed cause I got it so late due to the bad snow. I open the package and I smell the scent "Orange Amber" and it was very nice. I went to the bathroom and try to test it with my hands, it turn out pretty good and today I took quick shower before I go out for haircut, my body feel moisturzing and smooth, so it pretty good.

I don't know if I can keep all three bars but I have to give my female friend and also, I'm going to give her Claus Porto Rose which I brought for her from Sesto Senso which I ordered from amazon.com.

Second things is that I did try a sampler from Hawaiian Bath and Body which has 9 bars soap in a bag which different scent. The compay is in Hawaii and I did try it and I love it. it very smooth moisturizing and feel NO itchy. It a natural soap made with essential oils. See the website I'm talking: www.hawaiianbathbody.com and you can read the information about the company and see all the different scent. I love that soap! It my favorite! I will order it again. I highly recommended for both adult and children and even babies.

Do you like natural soap with essential oils. It really good for your skin. Trust me.

Any comments??

Chris :D

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Post by bernards66 » Sat Feb 13, 2010 1:19 pm

Claus Porto still offers a very high quality soap, but they were even better, at least for my skin, when they were tallow based. I used to use their Almond bath soap regularly before they switched over. Glad that they seem to work for you. They do some very nice and unique scents in their line.

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