Violet city! Lush Daddyo shampoo

Ok, so we've got shaving all taken care of but what about that hair and the rest of your face? Get the low down on shampoo's, conditioners, finishers, cleansers, toners and moisturizers right here!
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Violet city! Lush Daddyo shampoo

Post by Dave-itt » Sat Mar 06, 2010 4:18 am

I love Lush products. They're handmade, very concentrated, reasonably priced and have more fragrance than any other brand I know. I love trumper's violet shaving cream, and for an extra violet rush, Lush's Daddyo shampoo delivers. You'll probably be able to smell your hair all day with it -which is more than half the point of traditional tonics I think. But since the likes of trumper's eucris hairdressing is ever so faint these days (apparently it was once a stronger scent of violets, never the se as the eucris cologne) you could get a similar effect through this shampoo. In fact I washed my very smelly dog in it last summer and she smelt amazing for at least a week, with faint traces lingering for a long time afterwards.
You can also get a great ('tripple strength'!) conditioner called Retread that has violet leaf in its scent, it makes hair smell like that clean laundery smell!

Other recommendations:

Big Tease styling gel - super strong and very fragrant - attracts compliments. Smells a bit like trumper's Marlborough, but more youthful. In the pot it's too strong

Squeaky Green shampoo bar. It's a solid bar of shampoo (no soap scum, however) that makes for the equivalent of about 3 bottles of regular shampoo in terms of its concentration and resultant longevity. Great
scent (not as strong or intense as Daddyo), contains nettles,
and in the hair it smells beautiful. I find that of everything I have ever tried, it gives my hair the best feel. It
often sqeaks and gives it a nice finish and feel. It settles down well afterwards, though I have curly and quite
dry hair, which seems to fund the idea of being washed too often objectionable and goes fluffy and frizzy. This is the best shampoo i know for
preventing that effect. In fact I often feel no need for a conditioner after I use this.

Also, The Blonde solid shampoo. Great chamomile and super infused with chamomile. The scent is beautiful, almost like freshly mown grass, thoughore intense and fragrant. The bonus is the highlighting effect for fair
hair, which is why I use it.

The solid shampoos can be placed in a tin, which looks smart and is great fir travelling and the gym. It lasts or ages (both the solid shampoos like the above two, and the concenrated liquid shampoos like Daddyo) I use them
all as bodywashes too, the scent is strong enough. Do keep in mind the handmade quality, the extreme concentration and the amount of fragrance and natural oils used when looking at the prices. I find the lush products superior and without peer in a world of diluted, overpriced and mass produced toiletries.
If you're near a store, I recommend that you call in, sniff, feel, try and ask for some free samples!
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Re: Violet city! Lush Daddyo shampoo

Post by 95% » Thu Mar 25, 2010 6:50 am

Dave-itt wrote:...for an extra violet rush, Lush's Daddyo shampoo delivers. You'll probably be able to smell your hair all day with it -which is more than half the point of traditional tonics I think...
David, I'm a little surprised that nobody has commented upon your interesting post, so I will. First of all, there's got to be something to like about a product named Daddy-O. But more importantly, the idea that our hair should project a fragrance, indeed a very strong fragrance, seems ludicrously passé. That is the purpose of colognes, and even they are supposed to be subdued, not loud. I'm not sure it's a good recommendation that you used the shampoo to wash your dog, who then smelled like violets for a week. :)

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Post by TRBeck » Thu Mar 25, 2010 7:01 am

Well, Porter, I halfway agree. I actually like hair tonics that have a bit of scent. However, I don't much care for anything that is loud or projects very heavily, particularly things other than cologne. There is a place for scent that isn't perfume, however. For instance, in many occupations it is forbidden or at least frowned upon to wear cologne, but a lightly-scented hair tonic or an aftershave with a gentle sillage and some durability might work okay. Also, there are times when I don't want to or can't wear a fragrance because someone I will be with is sensitive to them. In those cases, I have sometimes used strongly-scented shave products or bath soaps that linger on my skin for a while but don't project at all to others. No one has ever had a negative reaction to them.

But yeah, I don't seek out too many things with particularly potent projection. That said, I have meant to try out Lush shampoos in the past; maybe when I have better cash flow I'll spend money on one in the future.


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Post by Sam » Thu Mar 25, 2010 8:27 am

They have a Lush boutique in our Macy's and I saw a bunch of stuff. Bath bombs and fizzes and the shampoo bars. IF, and I say if, the smell was like the old version of Trumper's violet shave cream, I could see me picking something up. But I have been disappointed in the reformulated Violet cream and, well, I hate to conjur up the dead so I shy away from anything when someone says it is like Trumper's violet. Feel free to convince me I am wrong, but I have bought two pots of Violet cream and sold them, and the soap version was never to my liking.

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