Body trimmer/Shaver

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Body trimmer/Shaver

Post by chris1978 » Mon Feb 06, 2012 8:24 pm

I was looking for a better Body shaver trimmer for my body that works well and I need something that the battery charger can longer and use it for both dry and wet. What brand has better brand? is it Phillips or Panasonic or others? I still use the ladies razor to shave my body for once a week for one hour. I don't do any sport like cycle or swimming. I need to try again for electric body trimmer. I'm looking for the right price to buy and the right one.

I read the reviews for some of the body trimmer are good and bad. Do you have any experience that you use the body shaver that works very wells and that remove the hair very good? I use to try the mangrooming body shaver and it was O.K. because the pointing comb of the trimmer is very annoying.

Please help me out.


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