Trumper Moisturizing Lotion?

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Trumper Moisturizing Lotion?

Post by SimonM » Sun Apr 24, 2005 10:40 pm

Howdy guys,

I've been poking around Trumper's website, and a few of the online retailers, and noticed Trumper's makes a moisturizing lotion, which you can see here: ... -F-Trumper. My question is what separates it from the regular Skin Food? Enchante seems to market it as just a fragrance-free version, but the Gentleman's Shop says it has sun protection (though the Trumper website itself doesn't mention this). Has anyone used both this and the Skin Food to compare them? Thanks

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Post by hedonist » Mon Apr 25, 2005 7:18 am

It has been my experience that classic English skin care products are subpar, they usally contain very thick/heavy pore clogging elements. It's a pity b/c they make such great shaving creams. I think the trumpers moisturizer has lanolin which aside from being an irritant for many people it is also pore clogging and will make your face look like a grease ball. I got the same result with Truefitt Balm.

For a lightweight moisturizer check out Baxters oil free, or MenScience oil free. For one with spf protection check out the new spf 30 by MenScience. IMHO its one of the best out there.

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