I feel misplaced in my Generation

Feel free to post anything unrelated to wet shaving or men's grooming (I.e. cars, watches, pens, leather goods. You know, the finer things of life).
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Aaron S.
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I'm glad this thread was started, because lately I've been wondering how many people around my age are interested in the things that have been mentioned here. I'm 24 years old and have quit smoking cigarettes. I have recently purchased a humidor for some cigars that I'm ordering, and I'm in the process of looking for a nice pipe. I have smoked a pipe before, but I felt weird smoking it because of my age. I like to relax and drink whiskey, versus going to a party like I used to do a lot. Of course I also like to wet shave. I like to think that my tastes are not getting outdated, but my tastes are becoming more refined with each passing day.
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Post by bbqncigars »

Beware, or the next thing you know you'll be acquiring fountain pens and hats! 8)

"Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most." A. Brilliant
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Post by bleedingface »

Aaron S. wrote:I like to relax and drink whiskey, versus going to a party like I used to do a lot. Of course I also like to wet shave. I like to think that my tastes are not getting outdated, but my tastes are becoming more refined with each passing day.
Wait until you try a good Single Malt, like a Macallan 25. ;-)
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Post by Timpac »

If he needs suggestions on scotch, there's a lovely thread around here somehwere... and I'm still lookin' for the right fedora.
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How come we all seem to have the same fetishes? I confess to the following:

Fountain pens
Blackpowder muzzle loaders
Vacuum tube amplification
Vinyl LP's >SACD's >CD's (MP3's shot on sight)
Leica cameras, mostly film, but also digital (and even then I find a way to bring in some old stuff)
Used to smoke a pipe and wish I still did
Will take Trollope or Hardy any day over Dan Brown
This gets weird, I did once build a giant trebuchet!
The straight razors you know about.

"Je n'ai pas besoin de cette hypothèse."
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Now see, I failed to mention that I hunt with a muzzle loader.. I do use a modern muzzle loader, I don't attribute using a muzzle loader to anything but opportunity. In michigan you can use muzzle loaders for both the firearm and muzzle loading seasons :)
Mr. Fidelity
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Post by salbev »

drmoss_ca wrote: Used to smoke a pipe and wish I still did
you and me both, brother, you and me both. :cry:
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I've been smoking a pipe since age 16; forty years now. Lots of hats, mostly fedoras. Walking-sticks. Knives. A couple of pocket watches & fountain pens. Razors include 4 straights. Blackpowder guns I find interesting but don't own any; friends who have say they're very dirty; but they do look nice on the wall. I wish I'd learned horseback riding when I was younger. Now I'm afraid I'd have to ride in a buggy. I've read Trollope and Hardy, but never Dan Brown. I prefer A. Conan Doyle, Kipling and Rider-Haggard though.
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Post by jweaver »

I must confess to being amongst those from the wrong age. I am 32 and for years I was obsessed with radio (still enjoy it). At eight we moved to Germany and there was no english tv, but there was American old time radio. Lone Ranger, Gunsmoke, jack Benny. I was hooked and today I collect mp3s of OTR and enjoy them nightly. I of course share the shave thing, but I am a reader. Surrounded by books, I read pretty much now stop. I agree with Dr. Moss - Trollope over Dan Brown (could not even finish hi book). I prefer Evelyn Waugh and H.L. Mencken (I love essayists) to anything currently on the market. yet I must say in January James Collin's book Beginner's Greek will be published. I just finished the galley and it is a throwback style novel and very good.

And I cannot stop thinking that 40's cut suits are more flattering than the off the rack of today.
Jeffrey Weaver

"A love for tradition has never weakened a nation, indeed it has strengthened nations in their hour of peril. "
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I have to say that I have really enjoyed this thread!

I too am with all you young/old type people.

I was an Organ performance major in college with a historical performance concentration.

I own a harpsichord - and play recorders/harsichord/organ with an early music group.

Of course there is the shaving with both DE's and Str8's

I am a pilot, and the more and more I fly I am drawn to vintage aviation.

If it wasn't for my girlfriend I wouldn't have TV's in my house.

I read all the time, 98% non-fiction.

After college I became a Lic. funeral director/embalmer - Always wore a fedora with my suits.

All this and I'm only 29.

Great post!
Jason G.
Cape Cod, Mass.
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Post by nolawis »

it's because technological advances aren't always what they're cracked up to be.

My DE razor is the same one that I bought when I started shaving at 14. It works better than any of the current razors on the market today and its cheaper. There was never a need to replace it.

My mechanical watch never needs the battery replaced.

A hat makes the body warmer.

Scotch makes the body warmer.

I must confess that I am not a big fan of muzzleloaders though and I don't really miss typewriters at all.

Fair winds and following seas.
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Post by MOSES »

bleedingface wrote:Sure the world of today may be absent of some simple pleasures, like having your wife hand-wash and dry your shirt instead of some machine, or using a hand-fan instead of one of those silly air conditioners.
On the other hand, your wife might feel differently. :)

And I imagine wives in general have some feelings about the fact that it is no longer just assumed that it is her duty to take care of yours shirts, as well.

So, yes, don't knock the present. Personally, at the same time I get sucked into all these "old" things, there is also an awareness that on some level it is just a silly nostalgia for something I never even actually experienced, and which was probably considerably different than I imagine and fairly different even than those who were around remember. Memory is funny that way. So I try to just stick to doing what I enjoy, and ignoring whether it is "old" or "new."

Alrighty, stickim up and hand over the Coates real nice and slow like....
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Post by Teuton »

I too enjoy...

Mechanical timepieces
Fountain Pens
DE Razors
Analog Stereo

However, I don't enjoy the above because it is 'old' and nostalgic, but because it offers a better experience than their new counterparts.
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Post by Bob »

CapeCodJay wrote:I was an Organ performance major in college . . .
Ah, but weren't we all?
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Post by EvenOdd »

Teuton wrote:However, I don't enjoy the above because it is 'old' and nostalgic, but because it offers a better experience than their new counterparts.
You've got that right. Doing something because it's the old way is in itself pointless, because it too used to be a new way of doing it. Something should be done the proper way regardless of time.

If you're going to slice hairs off your face, do it properly with whichever blade of choice. Might as well enjoy the experience with various creams too.

If you're going to drink coffee, make a proper cup, don't let a chain store do it for you. Grind the beans and make it on the stove. I don't drink coffee, but rather opt for tea. In this case, I drink whole leaf teas sought out from internet retailers. Indian black tea gets thrown in an English style teapot to swirl about while my Chinese teas like oolong have their own traditional teawares and preparation.

I'm recently picking up on cooking. I'm attempting to make my diet solely on home cooked meals I make myself. Premade reheated meals can get old and are full of unnecessary "ingredients". Doing it myself is very relaxing, engaging and entirely more satisfying.

I'm still in college, though graduating soon, so my clothing consists of jeans and modest, unbranded tshirts/polos, tennis shoes (I entirely despise flip flops, uggghhh). I've always admired the clothing in old films, say from the 40s or 50s. Everyone was dressed so nicely. I'd like to bring that into my life, too.

Oh, almost forgot. I, too, like to smoke a pipe. And there's nothing odd about it at a young age (like my 23). People get a kick out of it in the college environment.
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