Big Brother has caught up

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Big Brother has caught up

Post by Kyle76 »

Until today, I had been able to read the forum on my work computer. I was gone Monday-Wednesday, but when I tried to access the forum this morning, it was blocked. Happily, I tether my iPhone to my laptop, so I can still keep up -- just not as easily. I just wanted to let you guys know that Corporate America has caught on to the insidious nature of SMF. You Canadians are next.
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Post by maskaggs »

I work in the history department with a few other grad students at the university; being an institution of higher learning, computers are wide open to anything on the Internet. I surf to SMF at will :)
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Reverend Jim
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I work for a large international (some say evil) corporation and the only thing they block is adult and social networking sites. That's OK by me.
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