Getting Married..Finally

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Getting Married..Finally

Post by PACHUCO »

Well gentlemen, I’m finally getting married. We decided to finally get married after 11 years of being together. All is kind of last minute; we decided to finally tie the knot (civil service) only a couple of weeks ago, and the end game date is June 19th of this year; and no- no one is expecting. :lol:

A little background:
We started dating after high school via long distance relationship and I proposed shortly after. I soon found myself moving to her area to be closer; we have been living in “sin” for almost a decade now. We waited for a few years because we knew we were young and had a lot of growing up to do, followed by one excuse after another from both our parts. We wanted to have a big wedding as we both have big families, but finances and both of us wanting to further our education (She is working on her B.A., I have a few A.A.’s and need to apply to a University this year) have decided on a small backyard wedding with (hopefully) 50 guests- immediate family and our closest friends.

The Wedding:
We are paying for most of it ourselves so we are not splurging on much except for the wedding bands and our toasting flutes which I purchased this weekend (there goes my English Fern :roll: ). I have an amazing friend who is gifting us two cases of a premier producer of California Sparkling Wine despite my many, many protests. We still have not told everyone, but almost everyone we have told has been unbelievably supportive and a bit surprised. We want it to be simple and casual; a few decorations, a taquiza to cater, cake, and an iPod. The decorations are going to be simple and some of the items are …well odd by some accounts, but they are very much “us”. The honeymoon destination is yet to be determined but it will no doubt be close.
I’m much more excited than I thought I would be, but am relaxed (for now) because we are doing this out of love for one another and not because we have to or because it is expected. After all these years I can honestly say I am still in love, and I am going to marry one of the kindest if not the kindest soul I have ever known. I apologize for sounding so sappy gentlemen; this is not usually how I come across and not normally my nature and I kind of hope no one I know outside the forum reads this including my fiancée…it may damage my reputation 8) . I find the camaraderie here so great I felt I had to and could share.

A very lucky man :D :!:
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Post by drmoss_ca »

Well, congratulations!

I lived in sin for four years before marrying, and that was thirty years ago next month. I always tell her that living in sin was the best part! Since Pippa's parents were all in favour of a wedding at Greenwich chapel with a reception in the Painted Hall (father-in-law in charge of the Royal Naval Staff College in Greenwich Palace at the time), we had to make an offer they couldn't refuse. We said, save the money and just let us have a tiny civil ceremony (Pippa always assumed a lightning bolt would strike me if I entered a church), and send us on a honeymoon. So Chichester Register Office it was (with my two jewish best men holding me up and my father ready with a flask of brandy, bless 'im), a small reception and fun had by all. Two weeks in Menorca followed and a great deal of money was saved, and then I returned, appropriately, to the Labour Ward at UCH in London.

I hope you enjoy your wedding day as much as I did, and the next thirty years too!

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Post by Aztecface »

Congratulations indeed. I wish you both the very best possible. :D
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Post by sgtrecon212 »

Very nice!!! Congrats! :D
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Post by paperpundit »

As a fellow former living-in-sin guy myself, congrats!

We lived together for five years before me married, nearly 15 years ago. And, like you, we paid for everything ourselves.

All the best,

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Post by Rambler »

As a very recent living in sin right now, Congratulations!
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Post by Gene »

Yes, congratulations!

My wife and I celebrate 30 years married later this year, but we did live in sin for about 6 months (we were keeping her apartment, and the lease was up on mine).

As a dedicated SMF type you should invite a group of us to the wedding. We will be your honor guard flanking you on either side as you walk past. Instead of swords we will cross our favorite DE's for you. WOW, brought a tear to my eye with the pomp and pageantry we could bestow on you!

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Post by Steve-o »

My congratulations, as well. When you find the right woman, you know it. And you're smart enough not to let her "get away". I wish you both many happy years.
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Post by rickboone »

Here's to living in sin!
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Post by soapbuddy »

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Post by desertbadger »

My very best to you and your lady.
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Post by fallingwickets »

Super congratulations and as they say around here Mazel Tov!! :lol:

love is in the air, everywhere I look around..........


p.s. Gene your honour guard idea is too funny
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Post by GA Russell »

Congratulations Pachuco!
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Post by crunchy »

Congrats, Pachuco!!

Also, congrats to all who are celebrating milestones coming up (15 yrs, 30 yrs, etc!)

Looking at 17 yrs in August myself.

BTW: the honor guard would look pretty cool with straights, I'll bet!
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Post by Thalay Sagar »

Congratulations, Pachuco. And I like how you guys are doing the wedding. Nicole and I were misdemeanants for 4 months (like Gene, a lease issue). Into the happiest 12 years of my life (and counting) now.

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Post by nolawis »

Sin, like many other endeavors, is great in moderation.
Fair winds and following seas.
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Post by fatcity »


I imagine what really won her over all this time was such a close shave that didn't scratch her face :D
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Post by fishgutmartyr »

Congratulations! And whatever you've been doing for the past 11 years, keep it up--it seems to be working!

I'll think of something clever eventually.
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Post by PACHUCO »

Thank you all for the kind replies and well wishes. I have to admit that having a DE/Str8 honor guard would be cool. If we had the funds for a groom cake I told her I would want it in the shape of a Str8. :D

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Post by yuppiejr »


One of the most memorable weddings I attended recently was outdoors without a tux in site, grilled food (father + father in law), some kegs and plenty of of pot-luck salads... and it was one of the most genuine and enjoyable weddings I've attended, excluding my own of course. Sounds like you and yours are focusing on the important thing - celebrating your love with friends and family without having to take out a second mortgage.

Cheers to you both, have fun!
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