Mail forwarding

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Mail forwarding

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This is mostly a rant for the US posters, so feel free to ignore if you reside elsewhere.

I moved a couple of months ago, and went to the post office to get a change of address packet, only to find they did not have them. Not wanting to deal with the long lines that are a result of managers refusing to work the counter despite 40% of the workforce being managers, I resigned to do the internet address change.

Aside from being annoyed with the $1 "convenience" charge, I had to give them an email address, despite the fact that email is a main reason USPS is struggling. Since I provided that email, the spam in my inbox has increased at least tenfold. I am dealing with at least a dozen spam messages a day, where previously I had dealt with less than one a day.

My conclusions are 1) USPS is selling email address without permission
2) the servers are so insecure they cannot stop hackers from grabbing personal info

So if you are moving, my advice is either set up a new email address just to give them and abandon after the transactions are completed, or go to your branch office and demand to fill out paper forms for change of address.

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Thanks. Good information!

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I wouldn't be surprised if they sell email addresses. One thing that astounded me when going through the online forwarding process was that after you enter your new address, they load a page with 40 or 50 different magazines and catalogs for you to start receiving. It bothered me that USPS was shilling Pottery Barn, et al.
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