Feel free to post anything unrelated to wet shaving or men's grooming (I.e. cars, watches, pens, leather goods. You know, the finer things of life).
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It's nice to hear from Tony, one of the members who make this place great.

Also, quite an inspirational retirement you're living there Tony - so much for vegetating and feeling at a loose end.
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Tony is not the first guy I've known who retired from an executive position and went back to a farm. There is something innately satisfying about working close to the soil.
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Tony!!!!!!! What, no forum dedicated to your models? How is your wife? I have thought what I might want to learn if I retired. I'd probably be content to sell lounge chairs on the beach, collect the money, play a little volleyball and get an awesome tan. And go on a few missions trips. Wow, dulcimer and guitar and tractoring, you sure you don't work as hard with all that? Probably more satisfying for sure.
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Squire wrote:Tony is not the first guy I've known who retired from an executive position and went back to a farm. There is something innately satisfying about working close to the soil.
Based on my experience it reminds not of the soil, but the same old bull s**t I had to put up with as an executive. :bull
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Sam, interesting you should mention the Porsche Models.

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I have fond memories of my years working at Hendrick Porsche. I still communicate with the guys and gals from time to time. I still look back at the fun I had driving some of the worlds greatest performing cars on the tracks. I look back at attending some of the best dining experiences one could imagine all paid for by Rick Hendrick. I look back to going to managers conferences at top vacation paradises and staying in 5 star hotels. But the top of the list of what I will never forget is the photo shoots with the Porsche models. I still have the photos and I will always have the memories.
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I think some resumes or phone calls or whatever is the currently popular means of applying for a job, will be heading for the desk of the HR director at Hendrick Porsche posthaste.

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Thanks for the reply,Tony. Good to know all is well with you and you are enjoying your retirement. Like most the others here, I miss your participation. I get on a couple times a day, but don't necessarily post.

I can't wait to retire myself, but I have a bit of time yet..

So great to see you again :D
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Re: I don't have a beard

Post by wenestvedt »

tonyespo wrote:I have 8 acres of land that I take care of. I have a John Deere 950 diesel tractor with a bush hog, finish mower, box blade and disc plow. I belong to a couple of tractor forums, I belong to a Facebook group, I have taught myself to play acoustic guitar. I belong to a great guitar forum called Chordie. I have built a couple of Cigar Box guitars. I belong to a cigar box guitar forum. I also play the Dulcimer. I belong to two dulcimer forums. I have started using Ubuntu Liinux as my OS for my computers. I belong to a Linux forum.
Tractor...cigar box guitar...Linux.... Yep, the Goldfather has turned into a hippie!

But regardless, it's good to see you back here, sir.

- Will
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