RIP Ernest Borgnine

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RIP Ernest Borgnine

Post by sgtrecon212 »

Another great has left us. Classy guy, good actor, an icon.
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Post by jww »

To be honest -- I didn't realize he was still alive until the buzz a couple of days ago when he passed away. Loved him in everything I saw him in .... but especially enjoyed McHale's Navy -- I had no idea that he was a sailor himself back in the day - and re-enlisted after Pearl Harbour -- great guy - I would even say he was heroic in my book.

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Post by changabang »

He was one of the reasons "The Wild Bunch" was great, and he played a superb villain in "From Here to Eternity".
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Post by AACJ »

The only reason I knew he was still alive is because he is a voice on one of my daughters favorite shows, Sponge Bob Square Pants.

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Post by Chaps »

jww wrote:Loved him in everything I saw him in .... but especially enjoyed McHale's Navy
McHale's Navy was awesome! I loved him and Tim Conway in that.

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Post by desertbadger »

I agree with all the above; he was also great in "Marty" and I believe he got best actor for the role. RIP Ernest.

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Post by dosco »

I didn't know he had passed until someone at work mentioned it. I always liked him and his work, although I was surprised about his background and early life when I read the wikipedia page about him.

On a side note, when I lived in Phoenix the manager of one of the machine shops (a gent named Charlie) with whom I did business was close personal friends with Ernest. Charlie's office wall was full of pictures of him with Ernest ... restaurants, rodeos, fishing, etc.
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Post by nteeman »

Yes, many great things can be said about Ernest Borgnine - as a person as well as an actor. I always enjoyed his work and as a Freemason I always appreciated him as a Brother of our fraternity.

As I read about the many aspects of his life I can only think, well done Brother Borgnine! RIP!
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Post by kd7kip »

The thing I really liked about EB was that he was an excellent character actor. He wasn't a pretty boy. He wasn't all polished, and primped. He looked like a guy you'd work with, talk to at a tavern or flip-off on the freeway. He was such a common, easy going guy that I think people tended to underestimate his skill as an actor.

He also had a knack for portraying real warmth. You couldn't help but like him. He was in a few poor movies, but he never made a bad one.


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