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Feel free to post anything unrelated to wet shaving or men's grooming (I.e. cars, watches, pens, leather goods. You know, the finer things of life).
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Re: Joke of the Day

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7 thumbs up....poor dolly :D

de gustibus non est disputandum
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Re: Joke of the Day

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That was good.

Reminds of the tagline one of the plumbers around here uses: A flush beats a full house.

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Mardi Gras

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What’s the difference between Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras? Mardi Gras is an all-night party in New Orleans, Fat Tuesday is who you wake up with the morning after!

What do you call a hamburger covered in beads? A French Quarter pounder.

How do you know you went to Mardi Gras?
A1: You wake up on a sidewalk and the only things in your pants pockets are your car keys and a court summons.
A2: You wake up and discover a Tattoo of "Beignets Rule" on your ass.

What's the problem with jogging during Mardi Gras? The ice falls out of your drinks!

Legitimate source: ... jokes.html

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