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Taking a break from the news

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Re: Taking a break from the news

Postby brothers » Sun May 14, 2017 9:11 pm

kronos9 wrote:This is not, I repeat not, a political thread. Quite the opposite.

I'm detoxing from an overconsumption of news.

This is my second day going without reading the news of any kind, political blogs or websites. Whether it was on my phone first thing in the morning or on a computer during the day, I kept up with all the breaking news about elections, wars, natural disasters, murders, and everything else including the trevails of Hollywood stars and airbag recalls.

Enough. I figure if it's Earth-shatteringly important, that information will somehow find itself to me.

PS. I still check the weather.

It's been a full 6 months since Ed started this thread. I can't seem to escape the perpetual "breaking news" horse-whipping that's coming from all sides, even when I try to avoid it. When will this nightmare end? Everyone around me is sick of it, nobody wants to discuss any of the noise, and yet it's rising like a never-ending flood. Heaven help us ---- [-o<
P.S.: Friday I managed to completely avoid any form of incoming chatter from outside my own little universe for about 8 hours and then suddenly somebody says "did you see where . . . .!!!) Then it was back to the same old contentious blathering. I think I must try harder to pull away from it.
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