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A Summer of Queen

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A Summer of Queen

Postby jthomas1264 » Thu Feb 16, 2017 8:32 pm


This is meant as a celebratory post, so I hope you will indulge.

In 1980, when I was 15, my mom took me to see Queen in Chicago. She died a few short years later, and that is one of my cherished memories. This past fall, my wife died of Alzheimer's. A few weeks ago, my 15-year-old daughter texted me from school that Queen will be touring again with Adam Lambert this summer. We saw them on their last tour -- best show ever! I am not teaching any summer courses at the university this year, so we have lined up four Queen concerts for our summer "tour." Yesterday we scored 2nd row tickets for a show in Omaha. Cannot wait!

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Re: A Summer of Queen

Postby CMur12 » Thu Feb 16, 2017 10:55 pm

Four Queen concerts? That is a celebration!

I wish you and your daughter a wonderful time as you bring this full circle.

- Murray
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Re: A Summer of Queen

Postby SRD » Fri Feb 17, 2017 5:48 am

How wonderful is that? Enjoy the celebration!
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Re: A Summer of Queen

Postby brothers » Fri Feb 17, 2017 9:11 am

Sounds like a great experience. Enjoy!
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Re: A Summer of Queen

Postby JayTrek » Fri Feb 17, 2017 4:12 pm

I am so sorry to hear about your wife, jthomas.

Queen is still one of my favorites even though their hay day was about the time I was born.

Freddie Mercury might have been the most gifted vocalist of all time.

Enjoy your time with your daughter....and Queen, of course.
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Re: A Summer of Queen

Postby jthomas1264 » Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:31 am

Thanks, guys! I will post some pictures of our shows.

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