Home Roasting Coffee Beans

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Home Roasting Coffee Beans

Post by drmoss_ca » Wed Jul 04, 2018 6:13 pm

I believe there have been a couple of threads in the past from those who caught the bug. I recently decided to try it out and found a store in Toronto that would sell me green beans at around half the price of roasted coffee beans in a supermarket. Shipping was free and so I have five assorted pounds of different coffees to play with. One factor in all this is the sad fact that it is very hard to buy decent beans here. The village supermarket stocked beans at my request, but they were dreadfully expensive fair-trade beans all fancy-schmancy boutique roasted. Lately they haven't been restocking the shelves, as only myself and a few come-from-away cottagers buy the damn things.
I don't have a proper coffee roaster, but I do have a hot air popcorn maker. It works, and it works surprisingly well. Lots of smoke and heat, but done outside (I'm not modern enough to have an extractor hood in the kitchen) it's fine and quite fun. I haven't yet stumbled across coffee-nirvana, but I'm making beans that taste pretty much as good as bought after two tries, and that was with Kenyan beans that I included in the order for nostalgic reasons. I don't think anyone regards Kenyan coffee particularly well except for those brought up in the era of Imperial Preference and Kenco Coffee. Once I have learnt something of how to go about it with these beans, I have four more pounds of more exotic coffees to play with.

The process is outlined in this video:
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