Lockdown Lunacy

Need help with a process of wetshaving? Wanna see pics or videos? Here is your Mecca!
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Re: Lockdown Lunacy

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Re: Lockdown Lunacy

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drmoss_ca wrote: Sun May 10, 2020 10:57 amAnd I thought ruby weddings were just for old people!
Lucky you! =D>
Our last anniversary (44th) was the "Groceries Anniversary". (I did not make that up.)
Next Thursday will our Sapphire Anniversary.
Maybe I'll get a new stylus for my tuyrntable.
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Re: Lockdown Lunacy

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Inspiration for you:

Hasselblad 500cm, Distagon 4/50mm, HP5+, Diafine, Hasselblad X1 scan:
ImageTurntable by chrism229, on Flickr

Or, if you prefer the details of the subject, SME 10 table, SME Series V tonearm, London Decca Reference pickup. I've kept all my lesser pickups as I know that when this one breaks I will not be able to replace it! So I have a London Decca Jubilee, a couple of Benz Micros (Wood and Ruby, I think) and an Ortofon Kontrapunkt C.
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