Lockdown Lunacy

Need help with a process of wetshaving? Wanna see pics or videos? Here is your Mecca!
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Re: Lockdown Lunacy

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Re: Lockdown Lunacy

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drmoss_ca wrote: Sun May 10, 2020 10:57 amAnd I thought ruby weddings were just for old people!
Lucky you! =D>
Our last anniversary (44th) was the "Groceries Anniversary". (I did not make that up.)
Next Thursday will our Sapphire Anniversary.
Maybe I'll get a new stylus for my tuyrntable.
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Re: Lockdown Lunacy

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Inspiration for you:

Hasselblad 500cm, Distagon 4/50mm, HP5+, Diafine, Hasselblad X1 scan:
ImageTurntable by chrism229, on Flickr

Or, if you prefer the details of the subject, SME 10 table, SME Series V tonearm, London Decca Reference pickup. I've kept all my lesser pickups as I know that when this one breaks I will not be able to replace it! So I have a London Decca Jubilee, a couple of Benz Micros (Wood and Ruby, I think) and an Ortofon Kontrapunkt C.
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Re: Lockdown Lunacy

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My Ortofon X3-MC gave up the ghost last year after 25+ years of faithful service. It was purchased from a mail order house on Long Island for about $120. A few years later I found a local shop having a sale on it for about $95. That second cartridge is now in a Pro-ject arm on a Music Hall turntable. Price of the X3-MC was up to $350 before it was discontinued. The X3-MC replacement goes for $450, my hearing isn't what it used to be, and I don't listen as critically. The backup/replacement is now a Denon MC, purchased on eBay for $180.

In a similar approach to wet shaving. my two favorite razors are the Baili 171, and Dorco PL602. The rest are gathering dust. Lather is stirred up by two Razorock synthetic brushes, and their soaps are plenty good for me. I enjoy finding a deal.
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