Guidelines and Suggestions for Posting Photos

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Guidelines and Suggestions for Posting Photos

Post by Pauldog » Sun Feb 03, 2008 10:01 pm

Photos are more than welcome here, and many people have posted exceptionally good photos, but we want to avoid having our computers getting bogged down trying to download huge files, as well as conserve space on our server.

If you don't have a means to edit photos, try IrfanView, which is free ( and runs on Windows. If you have a Mac, I assume you have photo editing software. And I'm sure there's decent free photo editing software for Linux.

1) Save your photo files as JPG or PNG or GIF. For JPG, reduce the quality to perhaps 65%. Experiment with the quality setting to reduce the file size without hurting the quality. If PNG, set compression to the maximum.

2) Crop your photo to remove most of the background.

3) Reduce the picture size of large photos, unless you need to show a particular detail, and then it may be better to show that detail in a separate photo. The idea being that the total size of the two photos could be noticeably less than the size of one very large one.

3) Try to keep photo file sizes down to 100K or less. This is a rough guideline, but I've seen many 500K photos that could easily be reduced down to about 100K without compromising anything except a grand view of a tabletop.

Any further tips and suggestions are welcome here.

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