Madness - no, merely cautious

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Madness - no, merely cautious

Post by drmoss_ca »

With film getting a little harder to find locally, it makes sense to order in bulk and online. Expiry dates are easily defeated with a freezer. Here are 182 rolls of film for medium format, 235 rolls of film for 35mm, and 1200 feet of bulk B&W film of various kinds for home loading into canisters. Powdered chemicals keep nicely in a freezer too, but the bottles of concentrates have to stay in a cold part of the basement.


It all looks so small and harmless, doesn't it? Lots of room to cram in some more!

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Post by AACJ »

You could stuff your stockpile of Williams shave soaps in there too if you wanted to fill up the dead space.

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Post by Squire »

More, certainly more, the thing cries to be done.
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Post by ShadowsDad »

As long as you can still get it developed and you use film, it's a wise move.

I have freezered film myself, though not as much as you have. I don't know if I can even get the color film developed locally anymore. I can develop Tech Pan.

What a shame it has to be an either/or proposition, or so it seems. Film and film cameras have a lot of really good qualities, what a shame that it appears to be dying.

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Post by fallingwickets »

curiosity from the casual camera user; does film really trump digital in these 2011 days? I would have thought that any advantage film had would by now have been discounted by technological advances. Anyway, another reason to love smf....learn something new everyday EG freezer use! :lol:

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