Photo assignment

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Photo assignment

Post by ShadowsDad » Fri Oct 03, 2014 10:27 pm

I've posted this elsewhere so if you've already seen it it's the same here.

I was given this assignment as part of a "everyone gets one" project for the local camera club.

:D I was kicked out of the Maine State Museum just after I took my last pic there. They didn't like my tripod and that the little monsters could trip over it, even though none were present when I was using it. I don't trust the rug rats near my gear.

One pic is totally synthetic, 2 are IR, the rest... Anyway, it's how I see the world, in fine detail.

Be sure your speakers are on and that you have the most screen visible that you can get. The assignment will be self explanatory in the first few seconds of the video. ... .mpeg?dl=0

I don't know if it's possible with DropBox, but if it can be downloaded and played outside of the web browser that's the best way.

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