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Top of the morning to ya! Post pics and descriptions of your daily shaving gear and accessories!
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Post by Rich53 »


Gillette HD Rocket w/derby blade
Institut Karite
Charles Trywhitt aftershave balm
Old Spice cologne

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Simpson Polo 8
D.R. Harris Lavender Soap; Trumper Limes Skin Food
E.J. Ivory Chatsworth Razor / Dorco
D. R. Harris Pink AS; Nivea Sensitive AS Balm
Floris No. 89 EdT
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Gillette NEW
Red IP
C&E Best Badger
Nivea Sensitive Balm
Rosehip seed oil

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Post by diggity »

Wednesday--I'm back!

Gillette 58 Coronation--Swedes
Duke 3
Trumper's Coconut
Gentlemen's Refinery A/S balm (unscented)
Penhaligon's Endymion

Hadn't used a brush and the 58 in a while. Cut up my neck pretty good--back to basics!
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Shave of the week

Post by Mottern Man »

Merkur Classic in HD
Crabtree and Evelyn Best
The Shave Den Bay Rum Soap
Masters Bay Rum Aftershave
Burts Bees Bay Rum Aftershave Balm
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Post by murchmb »

Merkur Futur with Crystal
Kent BK4
J.M. Fraser's SC
Alum block
Proraso AS splash
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Slant :::: Feather :::: EJ super :::: GFT Sandalwood SS :::: GFT Sandalwood cologne
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Rooney 3, 1 Super
Trumper's Almond ss
Gillette Milord
Wilkinson UK
AV Original Sport A/S

Almond. Is there any bad almond cream or soap? I think there isn't.
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Post by RJ »

Merkur HD/Israeli Crystal (Day 1)
Omega Silvertip 617
Mama Bear Rosemary Mint Shave Stick
AOS Unscented Balm
Victorian Limes

This is the combo I keep coming back to. I will be using this line up exclusively for 3 weeks straight to give this total fidelity thing a try...unless things go bad.
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Post by Churchill »

Wilkinson "Sticky" w/israeli
Rooney Super 3,1
C&E Sweet Almond Oil ss
DR Harris Pink a/s
Trumper's Spanish Leather Edt.


I've slowly been making my way through about every type of DE I can find.Trying to find the perfect shaver for me.This sticky is definitely a keeper.Nice smooth shave on only two passes.With this Sticky,Merkur Progress and Gillette #58,I now have 3 keepers on my list. :lol:
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Post by Bonzo »

Rooney Super 3/1
1949 Superspeed
Mama Bear Rosemary Mint
Brave Soldier Code Blue
Floris Santal

Nice shave, even though I hacked my face up yesterday ](*,)

The Mama Bear Rosemary Mint has a nice cooling kick to it.

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Plisson #10 EW
Trumper's Rose shaving cream
Merkur 37C Slant
Israeli Blade
BIC Sensitive
Trumper's Lime Skin Food
Floris No. 89 EdT
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Gillette 40's SS
Feather blade
Plisson #14 HMW
Coates Almond Cream
Thayer's witch hazel
RSC Moisturizing AS Balm

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This A.M.

Black Bear brand strop
Barclay Bros. 6/8 spike
C&E Scuttle
Proraso cream
Nivea a/s balm

20 x linen 25 x leather
2 passes

Let my minddrift while shaving, got bit on right cheek, :? not bad. Styptic dried it up. Not bbs, but decent shave all things considered.
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late LATE shave today. spent the entire day cleaning up 6 year old flood damage in my backyard.


1901 elite gem junior, white celluloid handle
treet SE
garden of eden wild bayberry & tree soap
ever ready boar hair brush, red and white bakelite handle

thayers superhazel

col. conk bay rum
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Simpson duke 3 best
C&E sweet almond oil soap
Merkur slant w/Feather
Harris pink
Terre d' Hermés

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Gillette 1958 TV Special w/Swedish Gillette
Vulfix 41 Super Badger
Body Shop shave cream
Dickinson's witch hazel w/lavender EO added
Francesco Smalto PH EdT

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Wednesday 5/21 . . .

Post by ThePossum »

  • Prep: Hot towel
  • Brush: C&E BBB
  • Cream: SCS Smoke & Beads
  • Razor: '40 Gillette Regent Tech
  • Blade: Crystal (shave 3)
  • A/S: Thayer's Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner
Not a BBS shave today. Did not expect it. Had a busy day in the home office and did not see need to shave until late this afternoon. Then I shaved only to enjoy the scent of the Smoke & Beads and the experience of shaving. So that I could shave early in the morning I just did a 2 pass WTG shave today. Got to tell you, it was not a bad shave. No nicks, weepers or irritation. But a bunch of stubble that seemed to lessen as the pores closed back up. Still enjoy the BBS shave with my 3 pass plus oil pass daily shave.

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'52 SuperSpeed
Derby Extra
Burma Shave boar
Colgate mug soap
M & L Bay Rum
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Post by Killian85 »

Wednesday 5/21

Hot shower
Merkur 38C
Derby Extra (shave #4)
Tryphon lime cream
Cold water and Thayers witch hazel AS
No cologne

Shave was good, 1 small weeper fixed with cold water. Got a really nice lather with the Tryphon lime cream.

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