SOTD: January 18 thru January 24 2010

Top of the morning to ya! Post pics and descriptions of your daily shaving gear and accessories!
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SOTD: January 18 thru January 24 2010

Post by IanM »


Ever Ready 1912
GEM Stainless Blade
Vulfix VS/3
Kent Soap
D.R. Harris Pink a/s
Penhaligon's English Fern edt

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L. Martino
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Post by L. Martino »

After the usual 1-2 minute hot towel prep:

old scritchy butterscotch Rooney
1937 Sheraton/NOS English Gillette
Pitralon(German) AS
TGQ 'Leatherneck' extrait

This blade performs well in the Sheraton, just as I'd hoped. I find a somewhat milder blade will often work better in a little more aggressive razor, and the Sheraton fits the bill nicely. This razor is one of the milder OC types, and would recommend this one to someone interested in trying an open comb.

BBS results,

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Post by drumana »

Good day Monday

MR89 with Derby
Rooney Alibaba 1
Speick shave soap, aftershave & cologne
J&J Purpose lotion
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Mike R
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Post by Mike R »


Brush: Rooney Stubby 1
Cream: T&H Sandalwood
Razor: Merkur HD
Blade: Chinese Gillette Super Blue
A/S: Men's Zone
Cologne: Knize Ten

Thalay Sagar
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Post by Thalay Sagar »

Good morning. Monday:

Rooney Chatsworth w/IP
2/1, Finest
Connaught Violet cream
Thayer's Lavender witch hazel
Harris Pink
Caldey Island Lavender Water

I've ignored the Connaught creams for a while and the lather showed that this was a mistake. After almost a year, the tips on the 2/1 are finally softening.

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Empty Words
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Post by Empty Words »

C-MON razor
Omega 10066 boar
Proraso Pre-Post
Proraso cream
Proraso after shave
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Post by Zot! »

Jagger Chatsworth w/Red IP day 3
Rooney 3, 1
D.R. Harris Almond Soap
Thayers Orig. Witch Hazel
Burberry ASB
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Post by gsgo »

Vulfix 404 Mixed
Merkur 1904/Wilkinson Classic
Gold Dachs Rivivage
Thayers Aftershave
Proraso Liquid Cream Aftershave

Still breaking in the Vulfix 404, it has a nice semi bulb/fan shape when dry, has a good balance of soft/firm performance with just a tad of scrubbiness. It's a big brush overall and I really like the solid feel of the handle.
Good shaving,

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Post by reggiano »


Kent BLK4
Rocket HD w/LB
Castle Forbes Lavender
Harris Milk (old)

Atkinson's English Lavender
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Post by jss »



Simpson BB
‘57 Gillette Super Speed
Gillette Super Stainless
Thayers Rose WH
Best regards,

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Post by ichabod »

W&B 8/8 Barber's use
C&E/Penworks Finest
Trumper's coconut soap
Trumpers Limes Skin Food
Fresh Cannabis Santal

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Post by DGB452 »


Merkur 1904 with Feather Blade
Simpson's Keyhole Best Badger
T&H's Rose Soft Shaving Cream
D.R. Harris Pink A/S
D.R. Harris Classic Cologne
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Nick Freeh
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Monday Shave

Post by Nick Freeh »

Monday, January 18, 2010

Razor: Futur
Blade: Super Iridium
Brush: Vulfix 2234 Super
Cream: Cyril Salter Sublime Citrus
A/S: Dickinson’s Witch Hazel followed by Ogallala Bay Rum, Limes & Peppercorns toner

My shave started out with gobs of grapefruit goodness from the Cyril Salter cream. Even though I’ve used Salter cream many times, I always think I haven’t loaded the brush sufficiently, only to find that I have enough lather for a couple of 3+ pass shaves, at least. Good stuff. The Futur did its usual excellent job of mowing down the whiskers.

I love the action of witch hazel, but am not fond of the scent. I took someone’s suggestion and added just enough cheap Walgreen’s A/S to kill the scent of the witch hazel without imparting much of a scent of its own. It works, and I recommend it to those who also don’t like the scent of unadulterated witch hazel.

The Ogallala A/S, one of my favorites, produced a predictably fine finish when layered over the aforementioned elixir. Monday, here I come!

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Quintus Metellus
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Post by Quintus Metellus »


Razor - Gem G Bar
Blade - Gem
Brush - Wee Scot
Cream - MÜHLE Sea Buckthorn
Balm - E. J. Sea Buckthorn
Cologne - Geo. F. Trumper Eucris

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Post by woodsrider »


Plisson 16
Taylor's Lavender cream
EJ DE89 with Super Iridium blade
Thayer's Lavender witch hazel w/ alcohol
Clinique Post-Shave Healer
Floris No. 89 EdT
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Post by Shave4Fun »


Schick (not Eversharp) injector w/gold head & "ivory" handle
Rite Aid blade - shave #2
Vintage Wrisleys' hard soap
Vintage Fuller handle w/TGN super badger
cold water rinse
Lumene Skin Tech a/s/b
C.O. Bigelow "Elixir Green" e/d/c

Have a good day!

I've been a wet shaver for 52 years!
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Post by Squire »

Sunday evening:

Private label brush
The Real Shaving Co. shave cream
Futur razor
Schick Plus Platinum blade
Bourbon Parfums aftershave.
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Post by Squire »

Monday morning:

Private label brush
Real Shaving Co. shave cream
Gillette Super adjustable blade
Tiger blade
Santa Maria Novella sandalwood used as aftershave and cologne
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Post by wayne06 »


Torrey 5/8
Simpson Tulip 4
C & E Sweet Almond Oil Shaving Cream
Thayers WH
Wesley & Scott Lime ASB
Wayne...Semper Fi!
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Post by desertbadger »


Futur w/Derby Extra
Rooney’s Finest 1/2
Shulton Old Spice

I've been using the Derby's on advice from fellow member mmortus; he was right, this blades shave really well! Found a place that sells them for 10 cents a blade so I backed up the truck!.... :D
Gotta have the "Fat"!
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