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Top of the morning to ya! Post pics and descriptions of your daily shaving gear and accessories!
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Plisson 14 HMW
Rocket HD w/LB
Coate's Rose
Lucky Tiger Tonic

Route du Vetiver
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Merkur 1904 w/ Feather
Simpsons #57
Trumper's Rose soap
Musgo Real No. 2 Oak Moss

A superbly harmonious vernal duet of floral and green freshness.
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Gem 1912/Gem Personna
Omega Brush
Clubman Luxury Shave Cream
Humphreys WH
Clubman Original AS
Wayne...Semper Fi!
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1940's nickel Tech with bakeilte handle
*KAI blade - shave #4 (I believe; I lost accurate count)
TABAC soap
Burma-Shave natural bristle
Aqua Velva Classic Ice Blue a/s mixed with Jaguar Extreme EdT

*The KAI blade is very sharp and even in the mild Tech, it must be used with care. Don't sell this bade short on performance.

I've been a wet shaver for 52 years!
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Nick Freeh
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Tuesday Shave

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jaggerooney Frankenrazor
Gillette Indian Wilkinson blade
Simpson Emperor 2 Two Band brush
Proraso Classic Soap
Dickinson’s Witch Hazel
Proraso Balm

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C-MON razor
Omega 10066 boar
Trumper's Rose soap
Musgo Real after shave
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Cobra Classic
Feather Pro Blade
Irisch Moos; grated
Omega 30005
Knize Forest

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Tuesday Morning:

Hot Shower/Hot Towel/Proraso Glycerin Cleansing Bar
1966 Gillette TECH (Ball End)
Iridum Super (Shave #1)
Kent/Altesse Pure Badger
Nivea SC (German)
Aqua Velva Original Sport A/S
Vaseline IRML Lotion

Took someone's advice and went back to basics today with the TECH, a nice, sharp Iridium Super blade and the Nivea cream. The results were fantastic. Definite DFS territory. I have been trying a new method in between my warm water rinse and the application of the A/S. Another member (paperpundit) has been raving about the dramatic effect that the addition of a witch hazel application followed by a cold compress for about 30 seconds, has had as far as reducing his chances of developing ingrowns or razor bumps. I have tried this on my last two shaves and it has been working quite well. My technique is as follows: after my third pass I do my usual warm water rinse, followed by some Thayers Medicated Super Hazel applied from an atomizer. Then I apply a cold compress for about 30 seconds. Cold water rinse, towel dry and then the normal application of my after shave of choice and my facial moisturizer. Lovely results.

Scott "The Heart Break Kid"

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Razor: Burl Razor with Merkur Head
Blade: Gillette Yellow
Brush: Shavemac D01 Horn
Pre-Shave: Musgo Real Glyce Lime
Soap: Palmolive Shave Stick (Tallow)
A/S: Pre de Provence ASB
EDT: C & E Sandalwood

A decent shave. The Gillette Yellow blade seemed to tug a bit although I ended up with a smooth shave and there was no residual burn. The PdP ASB was an appropriate finish and the C & E Sandalwood left me smelling nice -Czech & Speake, H.L. Thater, Mergress, Rocnel, Boellis Panama,Castle Forbes, Asylum Shave Works and more.

- Phil
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Simpson's Duke 3
Wilkinson Sticky w/ Annecy Swede
Coate's Sandalwood shaving cream
D R Harris Arlington Milk (old)
GFT Cologne
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merkur hd
rooney 1/1 super
aos sandalwood soap
emj post-shave gel


merkur hd
rooney 1/1 super
baxter ASB

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Razor: Gillette Toggle
Blade: LB Wilkinson
Brush: Simpson Duke 3
Cream: DR Harris's Lavender
A/S: Shulton's Old Spice
Edt: Shulton's Old Spice

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Merkur 1904 with Feather Blade
Simpson's Colonel X2L Two Band
Fitjar Norwegian Fern Soft Shaving Cream
D.R. Harris' Pink After Shave
Duke of Silvertip!
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Gillette Model #58 & LB Wilkinson blade
Kent B&B brush
D R Harris's Lavender shave cream ( old )
D R Harris's Pink A/S
Floris No 89

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Schick Krona/Swedish Gillette
Simpson Commodore X3 Best
Connaught vetiver shave cream
Dickinson's witch hazel w/lavender EO and glycerin added
Trumper Coral Skin Food
Vetiver de Puig


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Razor: Larkin
Brush test: Penworks Horn
Brush test: Bill Campbell
Cream: Olivia Rose
AS: AII Osage Rub
AS: Master Bayrum

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Tuesday Night:

GEM G-Bar Single Edge razor
Treet Super Single Edge blade (carbon steel)

Semogue 2000 brush (barber style, boar)
Cella Crema Sapone da Barba

Thayer's Peach Witch Hazel (Astringent: 10% alcohol, no -parabens, no burn)

- Murray
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D.R. Harris Almond Shaving Stick
Simpson Tulip 2
Merkur Futur
Wilkinson Sword (german)
Lucky Tiger Aftershave and Facew Tonic
L'Occitane Cade Aftershave Balm
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Churchill wrote:Tuesday

Razor: Gillette Toggle
Blade: LB Wilkinson
Brush: Simpson Duke 3
Cream: DR Harris's Lavender
A/S: Shulton's Old Spice
Edt: Shulton's Old Spice

Beautiful, Bob!
Gotta have the "Fat"!
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Prep: Hot shower
Razor: Merkur Futur
Blade: Gillette 7 O’clock SharpEdge (Yellow)
Brush: Simpson Duke 3 Best
Soap/Cream: MWF
Shulton Old Spice
Moss Scuttle
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