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Top of the morning to ya! Post pics and descriptions of your daily shaving gear and accessories!
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Post by Shave4Fun »

Tuesday evening:

Nickel head Tech w/bakelite handle
KAI - shave # 8
Vintage no-name boar
TABAC soap
cold water rinse
Polo Sport EdT


Nickel head Tech w/bakelite handle
KAI - shave # 9
Vintage no-name boar
TABAC soap
cold water rinse
Humphreys witch hazel
Lumene Skin Tech a/s/b
Leonard EdT

I've been a wet shaver for 52 years!
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Quintus Metellus
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Post by Quintus Metellus »


Razor - Merkur 33C
Blade - Derby Extra
Brush - Simpson Duke 2
Cream - TOBS Avocado
Toner - Dickinson's Witch Hazel
Balm - T&H Ultimate
Cologne - T&H Spanish Leather

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Post by iancevans »

Tabac + Fitjar SP superlather
Kent BK4
Fatboy with Crystal
Rosehip seed oil

I've been neglecting my soaps lately, so I started using them with my unscented Fitjar cream. Very nice!

(Biding my time until I can buy more Nancy Boy.)

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Post by IanM »


Gold Tech
Vulfix VS/3
Trumper's Rose Soap
Clinique Post Shave Soother

Fantastic shave. Trumper's Rose is my number one soap. It seems to soften my beard better than any other.

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Post by reggiano »


Simpson X2L Colonel Super
Rocket HD w/LB
Harris Arlington Soap
Harris AS Milk (old)

Blenheim Bouquet

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Post by BullGoose »

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Razor: Merkur Futur
Blade: Super Iridium
Brush: Simpson's Ehsan
Pre-Shave: Musgo Real Glyce Lime
Soap: Valobra Shave Stick
A/S: Taylor Mr. Taylor

This is my 2nd time using the Valobra Shave Stick and I can now see why it is such a popular shave stick. It produces an excellent lather and left my face as smooth as a billiard ball (of course the Futur and Iridium played a role as well). Mr. Taylor, as always, was a fantastic finish. -Czech & Speake, H.L. Thater, Mergress, Rocnel, Boellis Panama,Castle Forbes, Asylum Shave Works and more.

- Phil
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Post by druphus »

Wednesday, 24 Feb. 2010

AOS Sandalwood Shaving Soap
Simpson Polo 8 super 2-band
Merkur HD w/Super Iridium
D.R. Harris Pink After Shave
Trumper's Sandalwood Skin Food
Blenhaim Bouquet EdT

Superlative winter shave. I have neglected the AOS Sandalwood Shaving Soap in deference to Trumper and D.R. Harris, but this is first tier stuff!

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Post by HBK42581 »

Wednesday Morning:

Hot Shower/Hot Towel
1966 Gillette TECH (Ball End)
Iridium Super (Shave #1)
Rooney Style 3 Super
Palmolive Sensitive SC
Brut A/S
Vaseline IRML Lotion

This is some pretty spectacular stuff right here. Forgot to use my Proraso Glycerin Cleansing Bar this morning but it doesn't seem to have had a negative effect on my results. Another great shave. I'm really on a roll.

Scott "The Heart Break Kid"

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Empty Words
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Post by Empty Words »

C-MON razor
B&B Essential
Cella soap
Aqua Velva Sport
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Post by desertbadger »


Cobra Classic
Feather Super blade
Palmolive shave stick; grated
Omega 100166
C-M Jockey Club

Super smooth shave..... :D
Gotta have the "Fat"!
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Nick Freeh
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Wednesday Shave

Post by Nick Freeh »

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Merkur Futur
Astra Superior Platinum
Vulfix 2234 Super
TOBS Lavender Cream
Dickinson’s Witch Hazel
Speick Balm

The Futur, with Astra (shave #4) and TOBS cream, produced its usual smooth and comfortable shave. BBS, too! I wish this stuff had been available to me when I first started to shave in about 1955 with a Gillette DE razor and canned goo. Not that there is anything wrong with a Gillette razor--I have several and love ‘em.

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Post by DGB452 »


Merkur 1904 with Feather Blade
Simpson's Colonel X2L Two Band
Trumper's Rose Hard Shaving Soap
D.R. Harris' Pink After Shave
Clinique's Post Shave Healer
D.R. Harris Classic Cologne
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Post by Churchill »


Razor: 6/8 LeGrelot
Brush: Simpson Colonel "Ehsan"
Cream: Coates Sandalwood
A/S: Booster Mosswood
Edt: Penhaligon's English Fern

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Post by levente »


1958 Gillette TV Superspeed/Swedish Gillette
Rooney SMF III
Vulfix shave soap
Dickinson's witch hazel w/lavender EO and glycerin added
Trumper Coral Skin Food
Creed Bois du Portugal

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Post by woodsrider »


Simpson Astor
AOS Sandalwood soap
Muhle R89 with Super Iridium blade
D.R. Harris Pink AS
Gentlemen's Refinery AS Balm
Creed Bois du Portugal

A nice combination today. The AOS Sandalwood is a good complement to the Creed BdP. The Gentlemen's Refinery Balm, while not worth its lofty price, is really nice stuff.
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Post by CJS »

Merkur HD
TOBS Mr. Taylor (old)
Baxter ASB

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Post by razorsedge »

Beehive 1
BB Bouquet SC, Splash, Balm & EDT
Duke of Silvertip!
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Post by bernards66 »

Bah!....Bob's taunting me again with that vintage bottle of English Fern....a mean spirited trick, I say.

Gillette Model #58 & LB Wilkinson blade
Simpson X2L Colonel
Trumpers Limes shave cream
D R Harris's Pink A/S
Floris No 89

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Post by KAV »

Morning shave:
Merkur HD
Vulfix 1002
Ogalalla Bay rum soap sample from Bullgoose
Dickinsons witchhazel
Woods of Windsor aftershave

I need to work with this soap. It lathered well but seemed a little lumpy.

Late afternoon shave:
Everything the same except for Alt Innsbruk
I think the soap requires tweaking with water
I love the aftershave.

I need a brush upgrade.
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Post by diggity »


Simpsons Duke 3
Wilkinson Sticky w/ Annecy Swede
Charles Tyrwhitt Cedar & Lemon Shaving Cream
D R Harris Arlington Milk (old)
GFT Cologne
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