SOTD: May 3 thru May 9 2010

Top of the morning to ya! Post pics and descriptions of your daily shaving gear and accessories!
Thalay Sagar
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Post by Thalay Sagar »

Good morning. Sunday:

Jaggerooney w/Dorco 301, #3
Semogue 1250
Fitjar Rose soap
Thayer's Lavender witch hazel
Fitjar Neroli A/S Balm
Dominica Bay Rum & Lime A/S

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Post by Hoos »

First shave today with a single-edge:

British Ever-Ready (1912 head)
Gem Blue Star blade
Tweezerman brush
Old Spice shaving soap

Results: OK. Patchy and some burn, which is to be expected IMHO the first few times using these razors. A better quality blade would make a difference, too.

It definitely makes you stop and think about technique and angle. And I do want to get that down with the SE razors. I have a couple of antique Stars that I'd like to use, once I get a feel for this.
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Post by BullGoose »

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Razor: Merkur Futur
Blade: Super Iridium
Brush: Simfix Grosvenor
Pre-Shave: Musgo Real Glyce Lime
Soap: Speick Shave Stick
A/S: GFT Curzon

Yesterdays shave was so outstanding that I decided to double up on the Speick Stick. Guess what? Another Outstanding Shave! The GFT Curzon was a very nice finish. -Czech & Speake, H.L. Thater, Mergress, Rocnel, Boellis Panama,Castle Forbes, Asylum Shave Works and more.

- Phil
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Post by Books »

Musgo Real Glyce Lime Oil Soap
Coral Skin Food
T&H Rose
Merkur HD
Super Iridium (2)
Pinaud Clubman
Nivea Sensitive ASB
Coral Skin Food
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Post by wayne06 »


Gem 1912 SE/Gem Personna
Semogue 830 Boar
C & E Nomad Shaving Cream
Trumper's Spanish Leather AS
Wayne...Semper Fi!
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Post by bernards66 »


Gillette Model #58 & LB Wilkinson blade
Plisson #12 HMW
Trumpers Rose hard shaving soap ( old )
D R Harris's Pink A/S
Penhaligon's English Fern

An unusually fine and bountiful lather this AM, a combination of this brush and soap plus the bit better water in the front bathrooom, I think. In any case, it was excellent. Congratulations on 1000 posts Brett!
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Post by TRBeck »

Omega Retaggio boar
AoS Sandalwood soap
Merkur 1904 DE razor
Dorco ST-301 shave 4
Burt's Poor Man's Pink

No EdT this morning; my father-in-law is sensitive to scent. Will be putting on some Kiehl's PH Essence Oil after my in-laws leave.


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Post by desertbadger »


Schick Injector N2
Schick Platinum (NOS)
Knize 10 SS
Rooney Emillion Super
Knize 10 EdT


Gotta have the "Fat"!
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Post by 2clfrwrds »

Sunday morning, and I wanted a thick lather that wouldn't be too challenging for my nose. Not disappointed by AoS Lavender. If I was a fidelity kind of guy, this would be the one for me. (As of this morning, anyway...)

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Empty Words
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Post by Empty Words »

Dubl Duck Special
Chubby 1 Super
Mitchell's Wool Fat
Nivea Cool Kick after shave
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Post by reggiano »


Plisson 14 HMW
Rocket HD w/Schick Plus Platinum
Fitjar Fjellheim
Harris Pink

Encre Noire
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Post by Shave4Fun »

SUNDAY (early shave - late post):

'47 Super Speed
7 O'Clock (Yellow) - shave #1
Omega #620 silvertip badger
Aqua Velva Cassis Ice Blue A/S
Jaguar Extreme EdT

Best shave I've had in a while.

I've been a wet shaver for 52 years!
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Post by levente »


Schick Krona/Gillette Platinum
Vulfix 41S
Connaught vetiver shave cream
Dickinson's witch hazel w/lavender EO and glycerin added
Superior 70 A/S
Creed Vetiver (1948)

Fortunately, the scent of the Superior 70 doesn't last long. It functions as a decent A/S for the money.

I'll be out of town this week. My shave kit will be:

BIC Sensitive
T&H Carleton (small) Super Badger
Various shave cream samples
Dickinson's witch hazel w/lavender EO and glycerin added
Trumper's Coral Skin Food
Various cologne samples

Have a good week, all.

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Post by jss »


No Shave....


Grosvenor LE
Schick Injector “E”
Schick Blade (German)
Geo. F. Trumper Rose HS
Thayer’s Rose WH
Clubman AS
Best regards,

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Post by stagger »

Dovo Ebony
Semogue 1305
Pinaud Clubman A/S
Mark -
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Post by adrian »

Sunday evening

Hot shower
Aluminum Gillette Tech/ Gillette Platinum
Sephora badger
Proraso shaving cream

Three passes: Wow!!

I bought an Aluminum Handle German Tech from mr. razor and it's the best razor yet for me. Previously, I used a Tech head from the travel version with a Gillette New handle with excellent results. It seems that for me: the lighter, the better.
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Post by m3m0ryleak »

Monday, Monday...

An unintended "superlather" of Euro Palmolive cream and grated Palmolive soap stick.
Semogue LE 2009 boar
Merkur 34c w/ new Gillette Super Platinum
Royall Bay Rhum

It was like buttah baby !

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Mike R
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Post by Mike R »


Brush: Simpson Duke 3 Best
Cream: Coate's Sandalwood
Razor: Gillette '59 (E-2) HD Adjustable
Blade: Vintage Schick - 70's or 80's
A/S: Musgo Real A/S Splash & Balsam
Cologne: None

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Mike R
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Post by Mike R »


Brush: Rooney Stubby 1
Soap: Tabac
Razor: Gillette '59 (E-2) HD Adjustable
Blade: Vintage Schick - 70's or 80's
A/S: Lab Series
Cologne: None

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Mike R
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Post by Mike R »


Brush: Simpson Duke 3 Best
Soap: Tabac
Razor: Gillette '59 (E-2) HD Adjustable
Blade: Vintage Schick - 70's or 80's
A/S: Proraso Liquid A/S
Cologne: None

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