SOTD: June 21 thru June 27 2010

Top of the morning to ya! Post pics and descriptions of your daily shaving gear and accessories!
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Post by Shave4Fun »


'58 Super Speed
Gillette Spoiler blade
ARKO stick
No-name boar
Lucky Tiger A/S

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Post by Araner »

Razor – Gillette New (short comb)
Blade – Derby Extra
Brush – Omega 10005 beech wood handle boar brush
Shaving soap – C&E Nomad
Aftershave lotion – Aqua Velva Ice Blue
ASB – Aloe lotion
Pinaud Clubman Virgin Island Bay Rum splash as cologne

Sure, Pinaud Clubman Virgin Island Bay Rum splash is cheap stuff, but I like it much better than any other Bay Rum.
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Post by wayne06 »


Gillette President/Gillette Blue Blade
Semogue 830 Boar
Clubman Luxry Shave Cream
Clubman Original AS
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Post by bernards66 »


Gillette Model #58 & Swedish Gillette ( Oslo )
Simpson Duke #2 Best
D R Harris's Lavender shave cream ( old )
D R Harris's Pink A/S
Trumpers Wild Fern

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Thursday's Shave

Post by nteeman »

Razor: Merkur 38C
Blade: French Gillette (Shave #2)
Brush: none
Cream/Soap: Barbasol
A/S: Nivea for Men Sensitive Extra Soothing A/S Balm
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Post by Batmang »

Good Thursday morning all...

Fat Handle Tech w/ Dorco 300 (1)
C.O.Bigelow sc
Thayers Cucumber WH w/ aloe
Nievea Extra Soothing a/s balm
Dunhill for Men Edc

Fine shave with the new Dorco although I prefer the 301' the Astra a rest today but will go back to it for a final test tomorrow...the Dunhill is a fragrance that is a little different for me but one that I like wearing on this, the last day of the school year...may make the final AD purchases of the summer until the paychecks return in September.

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Post by adrian »

Wednesday evening

Razor: German Tech
Blade: Bic from Greece #2
Brush: Penworks finest 26 knot
Cream: Proraso green
A/S Balm: Nivea Sensitive
A/S: Old Spice Original Sensitive
Cologne: Old Spice Original

I thought the the only blade that won't irritate my skin is SuperMax Super-platinum. I might be wrong.
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Post by paddy »

Thursday 24th June:

All about the limes today baby!

Gillette US Aristocrat
Super Iridium blade
Kent P12 silvertip
Castle Forbes Lime Oil cream

Trumper Limes Skin Food
Trumpers Limes EDT
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Thalay Sagar
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Post by Thalay Sagar »

Good morning. Thursday:

Jaggerooney w/Dorco 301, #1
Floris No. 89 soap
Thayer's lavender witch hazel
Harris Pink
EdT to be determined

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Post by Nick Freeh »

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Razor: EJ Chatsworth
Blade: Super Iridium
Brush: Simpson Emperor 2
Soap: Proraso Classic (green pot)
A/S: Generic Witch Hazel, Proraso Splash

A very refreshing shave this morning. The Proraso soap provided a welcome cooling tingle, which was extended a bit by the Proraso splash. I feel ready to handle whatever I will encounter today.
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Post by Zot! »

Chatsworth w/US Personna (2)
Shavemac Silvertip
The Body Shop Orig. Shave Cream
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Post by Empty Words »

Dubl Duck Special
Edwin Jagger Medium Best
D.R. Harris Lavender soap
Proraso after shave
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Post by gsgo »

With the "Minimalist Discussion" in mind:

Lucky Tiger Molle Brushless Shave Cream
Merkur 1904/Wilkinson Classic

Easy and simple with fine results and while I crave a little splash of something to finish my face feels fine mostly due to the lanolin content of the shave cream. A fun and workable shave but not something for every day, I do enjoy the variety so very much.
Good shaving,

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Post by Blue As A Jewel »

Gillete Adjustable (Black Handle) w/ Astra Stainless
Vulfix 2235 Super
Nyasha Organic Soap - Pre-Shave
Taylor of Old Bond Street Shave Cream - Rose
Mountain Rose Organic Jojoba Oil - Clean up pass
Mont Source Revitalising Toner
Gentlemen's Refinery Aftershave Balm

Geo F. Trumper's - Astor
- Ravi -

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Post by Books »

Musgo Real Glyce Lime Oil Soap
Speick SC
Simpson Duke 3 Best
Schick Injector Type L
Nos Schick Injector Blade (2)
Speick A/S
Nivea Sensitive ASB
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Post by reggiano »


Kent BLK4
Rocket w/LB
Coate's Rose
Vintage Yardley English Lavender AS

Guerlain Vetiver (old)
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Post by drumana »

Good day, Thursday

Muhle R89 with Derby
Rooney 3/1 super
Speick shave soap
Speick aftershave & cologne
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Post by a-cut-above »

Simpson Colonel X2L Super (Ehsan)
Prairie Creations Dragon's Blood Tallow & Lanolin SS
Moss Scuttle
Merkur Classic Gold (33G)
Lord Super Stainless blade (sample)
Booster Oriental Spice AS (glyceerin added)

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Post by Squire »

Thursday morning:

Kent BK4 brush
Harris Almond soap
Gillette Knack razor
Personna 74 blade
Bourbon Parfums aftershave
Tam Dao cologne
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Post by jss »


Grosvenor LE
S Krona/Kai
Trumper’s Rose
Thayers Rose
Best regards,

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