SOTD January 28 - February 2

Top of the morning to ya! Post pics and descriptions of your daily shaving gear and accessories!
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Re: SOTD January 28 - February 2

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> Brian < Shave On & God Bless!!

Mongoose B1 + Hempel Spiral; Feather Pro
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Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

Post by therazorguy »

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014


Back to My Mastro Livi Origin
  • Pre-shave: Myrsol Emulsión
  • Soap: Saponeria Artigiana Vegetable Shaving Soap
  • Brush: Omega Badger Brush #63167
  • Bowl: Supercheap Chinese Steel Bowl
  • Strop: Mastro Livi Loom Strop and Hand Palm Stropping
  • Razor: Mastro Livi Damasteel, 7/8 Full Hollow, Mastro Livi Point
  • Post-Shave: Umbrian Extravirgin Olive Oil
  • After Shave: Floïd Black Aftershave
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Re: SOTD January 28 - February 2

Post by Johnny »

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Prep: Warm Water Wash
Razor: Feather AS-D2 with Personna Med Prep
Soap: Santa Marie Novella
Brush: Simpsons P8 TSN 2013 LE #144
Scuttle: N/A Face Lather
Post: Village Barber Balm


"Younger than some, older than most" - Wet shaving for 50+ years
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Re: SOTD January 28 - February 2

Post by river1 »

DSC05271.JPG (166.31 KiB) Viewed 2057 times
Razor: Pils
Blade: Voskhod
Brush: E.J. XL of the great, unheralded brushes that never disappoints.
Lather:Charles Tyritt Lemon and Cedar
Shave BAlm: DR Harrris Arlington
A/S: Acqua de Parma EDT
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Re: SOTD January 28 - February 2

Post by jaguar »

Simpson Colonel X2L Best
D.R. Harris Eucalyptus Shaving Cream
Schwarzweisskeramik Mug
Weber DLC Bulldog
Personna Lab
Myrsol Emulsion
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Sunday February 2

Post by Zot! »

EJ DE86 w/Feather (1)
New Forest 2204
EJ Sandalwood shave cream
Oak Moss scuttle
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Re: SOTD January 28 - February 2

Post by churchilllafemme »

Sunday AM 02-02-2014

Dirty Bird 1.5 scuttle
Rudy Vey real ivory Chubby 1 D01 2-Band (23mm/47mm)
Coate's Lavender shaving cream (vintage)
Weber DLC Bulldog
Gillette 'Swede' (1)
Royall Lyme Toilet Lotion (vintage)
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Re: SOTD January 28 - February 2

Post by oversaturn »

Sunday, 2.ii.2014

Predopobarba Proraso
Semogue LE2009
Valobra Sapone da Barba
Gillette British Aristocrat #16
Shark Super Stainless
Thayer's Witch Hazel Lemon
Institut Karité ASB


Have a great week, gentlemen!
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Re: SOTD January 28 - February 2

Post by Squire »

Sunday morning:

Jagger Georgian silvertip brush
artisan shave soap
Krona razor
Derby blade
Santa Maria Novella Colonia Russa cologne used as aftershave
Thalay Sagar
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Re: SOTD January 28 - February 2

Post by Thalay Sagar »

Good afternoon. unday AM:

Jaggerooney w/Dorco 301, #2
Harris H2
TR BEck Rose soap, v.1
Thayer's Lavender witch hazel
RazoRock KL Lavender A/S Wax
English Fern

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Re: SOTD January 28 - February 2

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Gillette Model #58 & LB Wilkinson blade
Simpson EJ3 ( vintage )
Trumpers Violet shave cream
D R Harris's Pink A/S
Trumpers Spanish Leather

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Re: SOTD January 28 - February 2

Post by brothers »

Sunday night

Noxzema Original Deep Cleansing Cream
Noxzema/Kai Twin

Easy shave. That's it! Unbelievably smooth and close shave!

SOTD 99%: soaps & creams, synthetic & badger brushes, General V2 by Colonial, Kai & Schick blades, Superior 70 aftershave splash + menthol + 444
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Re: SOTD January 28 - February 2

Post by CMur12 »

Sunday Night:

Razor: Mergress (lowest setting)
Blade: Treet DuraSharp

Brush: Ever-Ready 300PBT (vintage badger)
Soap: TRBeck prototype

Lather made in a bowl, as always.
2 1/2 passes.

Cold water rinse.

- Murray
Give me Soap or give me death!
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