Cheap shaving tools guide for a newbie.

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Post by joe11002 » Sat Jan 03, 2009 7:47 pm

Great Job Rob :D
Was it 5 shots or 6? Do you feel lucky, PUNK!

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Newbie question about Basic Tweezerman Badger Brush

Post by fozzibear » Wed Feb 18, 2009 1:44 pm

Hi everyone!

First of all, let me start off by saying that I've thoroughly enjoyed reading through many posts. I've only been surfing this board for about a week or so, but I'm very entertained. Thanks. :)

Second thing: I'm (slowly) converting from aerosol, multi-blade, cartridge shaving to the more traditional. Starting, of course, with the preparation part of the ritual, I just received my very first shaving brush from amazon.

I've checked out most of mantic's intro. videos, but still have a few questions ...

To prep the brush before the first use, I should soak in hot water/white vinegar (9:1) mix, right? For how long? Should I just rinse the brush off afterwards? Is there anything else I should do to prep or "season" the brush prior to my first use? I'll be using KMF Lavender (mixed in a cappuccino mug) for my inaugural lathering.

Also, the brush suggests I hang it (brush down) or leave it on its side to dry. I can't find a cheap stand (with cheap shipping) and want to add stuff gradually, anyway. What can I do for a make-shift brush-drying stand? Any thoughts on how to make one simply or how to convert something else into a brush stand?

Also, how can I minimize potential stray hairs that might fall out? I know that's a common problem with the Tweezerman. I got the brush because of very high reviews, it was inexpensive ($13.50 - free shipping) and Tweezerman's commitment to customer service and their warranty. I expect a few to fall out, initially. How many is too many? At what point should I be concerned?

I've been doing the multi-pass technique (2x-WTG, 1x-XTG) for about a month, now. I figure I'll keep using my cartridge razor until I'm more or less comfortable with adding the brush to my routine.

Finally, anything I missed? What else should I be aware/mindful of as I start this "next pass" on my quest to the better, healthier, more luxurious and less expensive (in the long run) shave?

Alas ... I shaved well enough this morning that I'll have to wait until tomorrow before really trying out my new toy. Sigh.

Thanks again for all of the help you've given me without even knowing it. ;)


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