Trip Report: First Shave with a Safety Razor

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Trip Report: First Shave with a Safety Razor

Post by slipslope »

I started off my shaving days with an electric razor because that is what my grandpa taught me with. I then progressed to a Sensor, Sensor Excel, Mach 3 and then finally last got a Mach Fusion. Then I saw a shaving video on and my shaving life was changed. I had to know more about this old fashioned way of shaving. Ive always liked doing things the old fashioned way. I found last week and was fascinated. The next day this is what I ordered:

Merkur 38C w/ 10 free blades
Proraso Shaving Cream
Trumper Violet Shaving Cream
Col. Conk Amber Shave Soap
An Alum Bar
Badger Brush
Taylors Sandalwood Cologne (Still Havent Received this)

So I hopped in the shower after work because I always have showered prior to shaving. (Ive heard horror stories of people gouging their face so I waited til tonight because I dont want to show up to work with a bandage wrapped around my head) After a 5 minute shower I was pumped and ready to shave (Also a tad nervous like the first time). I dabbed a tiny tiny tiny bit of Trumpers Violet into my left hand and tried mixing it with my right hand. Instantly I thought I had been duped and had been scammed once again. I then tried mixing it with the badger brush and Viola! the mix came alive! It was an awesome feeling.

I then brushed it on my face and noticed it went on alot thinner than the can stuff. I then tried to keep my wrist straight and started shaving. The razor smoothly went across my face and the hair popped as it was being cut. I had never heard that noise. The razor made the cream disappear and there was hair being washed off the razor but i definitely didnt feel it coming off my face. What an odd but welcome feeling. I finished shaving face (With the Grain) without a single nick. I thought this is too good to be true. I then brushed more violet cream on and tried to shave against the grain. This was extremly awkward. Honestly it didnt seem like it accomplished anything at all. I then brushed more cream on and went with the grain again. I washed my face and rubbed the alum bar all over my face. Is this correct? or is it just for cuts?? I then splashed some Old Spice aftershave on and I felt fantastic! The shave definetly is closer than the mach fusion but its not like a babys bottom. Is it supposed to be?

Also can anyone recommend a good aftershave? I dont really care for Old Spice. I used to use Brut and I loved it but its a little strong and I kind of felt like I had just left a house of ill repute. Ive never tried an expensive brand.

Also any tips on how to improve would be appreciated. I will never use another razor again.

P.S. Thank you LeesRazor for the prompt shipping!
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Post by sysiphus »

I believe the 'official' welcome party will be here shortly.
Sounds like you had a great first shave! There will be, however, a period of adjustment to shaving with a DE before you begin to feel like you are getting close to that elusive BBS. I admire you for going in there and just banging out your first 'classic' shave. I envy you for being able to bang out that shave and throw an alcohol based aftershave on!

Again, welcome to the forum. Stay long, learn much. Get the letterK sample pack, if memory serves!
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Post by Leisureguy »

First, welcome and you have a good kit and a great attitude. I predict success---or, rather, continued success.

Bay Rum is a traditional aftershave, and I like the Taylor of Old Bond Street version. Also, Taylor of Old Bond Street has two exceptional aftershaves: Mr. Taylor's, and Sandalwood. (I got these from Vintage Blades LLC, but others probably carry them.) Quite wonderful. And if you like lime, Geo. F. Trumper West Indian Extract of Limes Aftershave has an intense and wonderful aroma.

Again: welcome, and enjoy the journey.
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Post by prism »

Well done!! Welcome to SMF, Slip! Well, you put together a very nice kit! BBS does'nt count at this point. The fact that you were able to get a decent shave your first time out does! Check out some of Mantic's videos; I think you'd very much enjoy putting in an across-the-grain pass in betweem your WTG and ATG passes. As for aftershaves, there should be a few excellent ones available locally. Mennen Skin Bracer, Aqua Velva Ice Blue and Pinaud Clubman. Any of these are a great way to top off a good shave! Congrats again on a great first shave! Vic
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Post by Racso_MS »

WELCOME TO THE FORUM first and foremost. You've come to the right place for all of your wet shaving questions. Come often and stay long...

It appears as if you alreadty have a very good starter kit, but the thread below about starter kits is a good read any way. Congrats and please feel free to comment on any subject in which you feel inclined. Sometime a fresh perspective is good for some of us "older" wet shaving maniacs.

I also recommend the sample pack from LetterK. It will give you an idea of what may work effectively for you.

First go here:

Then go here: ... xperience/

Then go here:

After reviewing all of the above, if you have any questions feel free to ask. We will be more than happy to answer.

And as always...

Enjoy your shave... :D
Best Regards From the Deep South...
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And As Always, Enjoy Your Shave...
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Post by slipslope »

Thank you all for the warm welcomes and tips/links. I honestly cant believe shaving has become exciting. Also what does BBS mean?

Post by Leisureguy »

BBS = Baby Butt Smooth: when you can feel no roughness in any direction you rub your face after the shave.
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Post by brderj »

If you have the Trumpers Violet you NEED coral skin food. :D Ok, you really dont NEED it but oh man does it go well with each other. Its so much a favorite of mine that even though I have plenty of both I still only shave with it when I am especially happy. :D

Oh yes, welcome to the light. :D
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Post by ead »

Welcome dude :D
Great intro, I think you are doing just fine, hope to see you around here, and don't forget to tell your friends about this site to :wink:
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