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Useful Videos

Post by drmoss_ca » Sat Mar 07, 2009 1:51 pm

Here are the links that used to be posted throughout a long thread. Ask a mod or admin to add a link if you have a video that would be helpful for students of SMFU.

Mantic's Videos
A hero of the shaving video world! He also has a blog.
Mantic's YouTube Channel and his Sclipo channel
His playlist of introductory topics
Barbershop Prep
Resources for Straight Razor Information
Wetshaving when travelling/Shaving Sticks
Adjustable Safety Razors
Cleaning an Old Razor
Building Traditional Lather
Cleaning a Shaving Brush
Tips & Tricks for Single Blade Shaving
Shaving Under the Nose
The Ten Minute Traditional Wetshave, also here, here, here, here and even here!
Introduction to Method Shaving Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Lynn Abrams
Founder of straightrazorplace.
Shaving with a Straight Razor

Straight Razor Honing
These are from HeavyDutySG135 on SRP:

Part 1: Introduction and Stone Selection
Part 2: Technique and Bevel/Edge Setting Theory
Part 3: Sharpness Tests (TPT, TNT, HHT)
Part 4: Setting the Bevel
Part 5: Polishing Theory and Stage 1 Polishing
Part 6: Stage 2 Polishing
Part 7: Double Bevel Theory
Part 8: Permanent Marker Test for Double Bevel, Rolling Hone Stroke for Smile
Part 9: Rolling Hone Stroke for Warped Razor and Q&A

Zach's YouTube Videos
Quick Lather With Boar
Boar and Badger and Water
Tale of 2 Brushes
Parker Horn Handle Safety Razor

D.Irving79's YouTube Videos
Using a Valet Auto Strop Razor with its Strop
How to modify a blade for a valet auto strop razorHow to strop single edge/double edge/cartridge blades
How to remove the spine from a single edge blade
How to load a 1912 gem razor
Loading a lather catcher GEM razor
How to use an automatic stropper
How to revive an autostrop blade

Richard aka "rustyblade"
Shaving with a Japanese Non-Folding Feather Razor (in German)
Straight Razor Basics
Straight Shaving
Straight Maintenance
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