Tug and pull (SFW) :-)

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Tug and pull (SFW) :-)

Post by HBK42581 »

If I'm getting some tug and pull in certain areas when I'm using a DE, is the issue in the sharpness of my blade or my technique? Or both??
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Post by SmallTank »

make your lather slicker with a bit more water
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Post by Esoteric83 »

Try a Feather blade. That and wetter lather are mu suggestions.
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Post by brothers »

That tip about wetter lather makes a lot of sense. Just this morning I chose a brush I hadn't used a lot lately, and I didn't get the water mix right. The shave was a good one, but the straight razor was pulling a bit, and as a consequence I got a nick which is rare when I'm paying attention. I'm going to use more water tomorrow with the same soap and brush, just to get back into the right frame of mind.

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Post by marsos52 »

i never associated lather with the tugging and pulling before

i always figured it was from the blade or technique

interesting though..

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Post by gil3591 »

well, someone mentioned somewhere that a slicker lather results with less water and more product. i have also found that to be true. water doesn't make "slick". it's the glycerin or tallow that does the trick. if water was slick you wouldn't need soap/cream.

so now we have two opposite points of view.. time to experiment fellows :lol:

i would also suggest reducing the blade angle when going over the trouble spot
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Post by Rambler »

I usually feel it when either my blade is dulling, or I'm trying to shave too long of growth against/across the grain. By the time I feel it it's usually too late to correct it except being more mindful next time, or replacing the blade.
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