Thoughts on refreshing edges

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Post by brothers » Mon Jul 18, 2011 3:13 pm

drmoss_ca wrote:At the end of using your finishing hone, do three very light passes edge first (as normal), two very light spine first (yes, the wrong way!), then one pass edge first. Then strop or use pastes if you like to do that. Glen/Gssixgun gets the credit.

I watched one of Glen's videos about using the Shapton 16K and 30K. If memory serves correctly, I believe he used the 30K for the 3-2-1. I sold my Shaptons, so the last time I honed all of my razors I substituted a lapped Swaty barber hone for the 30K. I'm still working my way slowly through the first post honing test shaves, and don't have any complaints so far.

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