feather artist club RG... yay or nay??

Use a straight. You know it makes sense.
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Paddy, did you receive or try the Feathers?
i have received but yet to try. i am waiting for a leisurely sunday morning shave opportunity with no distractions. it will be my first shave with a straight so it will require my undivided attention!
Remember: this is all just wasted time and lives talking nonsense to strangers about pieces of metal, hair and chemical compounds.
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Seraphim wrote:
JPDyson wrote:I have a KAI Captain (folding). Holds the same razors as the AC's, but has a better look to my eyes (a bit cleaner). The KAI blades are great as well (particularly the "sharpblades"). About like a Feather Pro, but smoother.
The blades sit about 0.5mm deeper in the KAI than they do in the Feather razor. Because of this, you cannot use the Feather Light blades in the KAI.
SERAPHIM! Howdy! :)

Good to know; never tried the lights. I've been tempted to try the pro-guard kind for my nape... any problems there?
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I usually use one of the standard blades for shaving my nape.

The only issue is with the Lights. And even with the Lights, I usually pinch the holder, and move the blade out to have enough exposure, and the springs hold it with easily enough pressure to be able to use it like that.

I've only tried the Lights in my Feather once, and wasn't all that impressed with the reduced exposure being of any sort of benefit. Maybe I'll revisit that at some point.
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