W&B Vintage Restore

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W&B Vintage Restore

Post by Gssixgun »

OMG I remembered a before pic


This one came down from Canada for a restore, pretty straight forward except I got sidetracked for 2 days after the initial 220 grit sanding on the scales and left them soaking in Neatsfoot oil for that time. WOW if you have the time to soak them longer I would definitely recommend it.. It wasn't that the outcome was so much better it was just way easier to obtain after that

Full buffing on the blade, but kept the stamps, all new Tri-metal stacked washers and pins...





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Post by Silb3r »

Nice job Glen! Glad the etching could be saved. What's the blade measurement?
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Post by matt321 »

Wow. A classic now for sure. 8)
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Post by churchilllafemme »

Beautiful job on that.
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good job!

Post by malocchio »

you put a lot of work into the resurection of this fine piece..great job
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Post by brothers »

I like the detail of the stacked washers and pins.

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Post by Obie »

Glen, my dear friend, once again you show the master's hand. You've taken a peg-legged pirate and turned him into a prince. Oh yes, well done.
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