Is this a good idea: shaky hands and a straight razor

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Is this a good idea: shaky hands and a straight razor

Post by cadfael_tex »

Well not exactly that bad but...

I've become interested in going the SR route but here's the rub - I have some sort of neuropathy that makes my left hand numb and weak. It's like my arm is asleep and won't wake up.

In one way this would be a great time to try SR shaving as I don't have to get up and look presentable every day. However, I'm wondering how frustrating it would be to try it at this point???

Bright red and high volume means arterial spurt right?

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Post by Squire »

Oh give it a shot Tony, I used one for years and may well take it up again.
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Post by Dave_D »

That sounds risky, I'd probably stay with a safety razor in those conditions.
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Post by drmoss_ca »

I'd rather want to sort out the neuropathy first - not that it's likely to be fixed, but it is the sort of thing that you want to know why it has happened and whether it will proceed.
After that, go for it! Straight razors are not difficult to use, merely difficult to hone. Six shaves in, you will be beginning to take confident shortcuts.

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Post by jgkeegan »

Have you considered simply trying it using your right hand only?

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Post by SmallTank »

If its minimal don't worry..if its moderate to severe see an MD
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