Any thoughts on Parabens?

Thoughts and input on anything related to wet shaving or men's grooming.
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How do you feel about Parabens

I always avoid them
I avoid them if there are paraben-free options (actively search for them)
I avoid them if it is "convenient"
I don't care one way or another
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Any thoughts on Parabens?

Post by jdavis54 »

I did a search of Parabens and read the posts and noticed that for some they are a concern and that for others it doesn't matter at all. When I first began wetshaving I didn't even know what they were, but now that I've learned more about them I'm wishing I hadn't bought so many creams and a/s that use them as preservatives. I know the jury is still out on exactly what, if any, harm they cause, but I don't like the idea of finding out 10 years down the road that they're harmful and we should have been avoiding them. What do you think?

BTW, if you don't know what parabens are you can read about it here ... EARCH&ID=P


Oh, I'm actively looking for other paraben-free options. Does anyone know if AOS uses parabens in their cream and a/s?
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Post by timc »

It seems to me that there isn't any reason to avoid them from what I read on the net. I think that you are overreacting.
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Post by Dave_D »

I marked down 'avoid when convenient..etc'
My concern with healthy habits far exceeds those of the average person, but there is a balance. There are so many unhealthy things present around us that it is important to give priority to avoidance of the worst ones.
Parabens just arent high on that list in comparison.
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Post by northadams »

Mr. JDavis, If parabens are a concern check out the Shaving Gallery cream (or creams-not sure if they discontinued some) produced by a Trumper veteran. Big fan myself.

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Post by fisherc »

Paraben free creams that work well with a brush are available from , , and . All of them are excellent and highly recommended.

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Post by hedonist »

Although i own a number of paraben free products myself, I question the validity of these "findings". It seems alot of the info out there is being presented by these "new-school" skin care ranges that tout the added benefit of being paraben free as a way to justify their high prices. I am a bit skeptical about the validity of these claims as no one has truly produced conclusive evidence.

I may be incorrect in my rationale but why does anyone care about paraben free shampoos, face washes, body washes, or shave creams? These items by nature are washed away. Shouldnt the real concern be paraben free moisturizers and other leave-on products?
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Post by paddy »

i'm not so worried about parabens in creams, soaps and the like as they are not in contact with the skin for that long, and are quickly rinsed off. however i actively search for and use only paraben free deodorants and moisturisers and balms because of all the scare stories and the fact that these products are going to be in contact with my skin all day long.

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