Mapping Your Face Before Lather

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Mapping Your Face Before Lather

Post by Ginns »

Note to Self:

Must try harder to remember location of mole on neck now that I am using slant bar and feather combo, lest I accidently make a small foray into the realm of do-it-yourself cosmetic surgery.

The first cut is the deepest I have heard, and this one (seriously) almost took that mole clean off. Sliced one-third of the way under it.

And I was feeling so cool about this DE shaving thing up until now.

The slant does a beard like municipal throwers do banks. It'll eat through anything, including your kids if you're not careful.


EDIT: I realized after posting that not many people are from Quebec, or like areas, and may not be familiar with municipal throwers, thus the "eat through it like a municpal thrower" comment may not make any sense. They are like regular snow blowers, but less friendly. They eat people, about 1 every few years, particularly kids who have built forts in snowbanks close to the road. These things can drive through a pile of snow and ice seven feet tall and as wide as they are at about 30 km/h (20 mph). They pick up the snow and shoot it into a dumptruck, which drives alongside. It's necessary because in Quebec they get so much snow that there is no room for it all in the cities to just plow to the side of the road, it has to be trucked out into piles. Here are some pictures. ... ation.html
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Post by Racso_MS »

I think if you cut the mole off with one swift stroke...problem solved. I had one many years ago directly under my ear lobe. Whacked it a bunch of times with a razor and finally went to the Dr who burned it off with what looked like a soldering iron. Problem solved.

I do remember when I did cut it with the razor, it bled like a stuck pig. Had to use ice to stop the bleeding and don't even think of using a styptic pencil.....Pain and agony.

Good luck
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Post by Leisureguy »

If you have a mole in the shaving area, seriously consider seeing a dermatologist and having it removed: simple office procedure.
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Post by MaduroMan_wcp »

I have already removed 1 in 3 stages with the feather blades :shock: insurance said it was cosmetic surgury, abet do it yourself, and wouldn't pay me for doing it.... :lol:
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Post by Lil' Shaver »

Leisureguy wrote:If you have a mole in the shaving area, seriously consider seeing a dermatologist and having it removed: simple office procedure.
I agree. A couple years ago I went to the doctor and had a couple of facial moles removed, simply because I nicked them ALL the time whenever I shaved.

I am really glad I did it. I wield that Slant like a Samurai now! :lol:


Post by Leisureguy »

I also have had a few moles removed. Different insurance, or the dermatologist phrased it differently: insurance paid.
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Post by bernards66 »

Ginn, Yes, do be careful, seriously. I've been shaving with a DE for decades, and the only time I really remember nicking myself badly was in the 1990s, with the first Slant Bar that I bought. I had a blemish near my cheek bone, and I just plowed on over it with the Slant. Yuck! But I soldiered on, and as a result, ultimately, I DID wind up at the dermatologist with a nasty something or other on my face. So, don't push your act, if you know what I mean. Slants are capable of doing damage that other DEs won't.
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