Who taught you to shave?

Thoughts and input on anything related to wet shaving or men's grooming.
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my dad and I miss him
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My wife and this board did. Before I met my wife no one did. She saw me wet shaving one day, and she said I was not using enough shaving cream. She said I ws going to cut myself if I didn't.

She bought me a Norelco Reflex to make shaving easier for me. I guess she thought I was having too much trouble. She also gave me two Gillette Superspeeds. I had no idea what they were; what blades they used; or how to use them until I came here. I had two injectors which I was very familiar with.

I used to wetshave my pesky neck hairs which the electric could not get.
Now I just use the electric when I am in a rush; or on the weekends.

This forum has also been a great help.
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Dad left when I was in the fourth grade.

Learned by trial and error.

More error than trial. :wink:

Then came the Marine Corps... :roll:
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Who taught me to shave? Mantic and Leisureguy ...

Sad (kind of) but true (also, kind of).

Mostly it was me. And a lot of misery. And I kept looking around for some solution to the misery until I FINALLY found it on a shaving forum at Knoxville Cigar's internet site. So, persistence taught me to shave, maybe.
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