Warm lather.... Wow

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Warm lather.... Wow

Post by Mickey_85 »

Hey guys, i have my large Moss Scuttle coming in soon but in the meantime i made a makeshift scuttle of my own haha. I lathered my Taylors Rose cream in a aluminium bowl and filled up my sink with hot water and let the bowl sit there with the brush splayed inside. Man what a difference, and this was just a dodgy job, can't wait for the Moss Scuttle. The warm lather adds another level to the expierence. More luxury, comfort, etc. I think it assisted in a closer shave also, as the pores were kept open due to the heat, unlike cold lather, what you guys think?
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Post by Racso_MS »

Absolutely... :D
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Post by drmoss_ca »

Well, I think it's nice.

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Post by Viktor »

I would like to buy a large Moss Scuttle also, but unfortunately postage to Slovakia is 45.00 plus 5.00 for packing. Of course, all in Canadian dollars. :cry:
It's too expensive for me.

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Post by ead »

The muss scuttle is great, if you have a chance give it a try
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Post by NiksaNovovic »

I too have to add my praise for the Moss scuttle! I received my small Ivory glaze one a few says ago and i won't be going back to my old late mug! While I can't really tell a difference in the shave quality between the warm lather and the cold, I know that I prefer the warm! I also think that the warm lather spreads it's perfume throughout the bathroom much better and that makes for a more relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere in which to shave! I also highly recommend the scuttle to anyone thinking of getting one!

Warmest regards, Niksa
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