Your all time Number 1 shaving tip!

Thoughts and input on anything related to wet shaving or men's grooming.
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Your all time Number 1 shaving tip!

Post by tone »

Might be a good sticky maybe for newbies and oldies alike.

I am going to cheat and say two because I can't chose between them, but after nailing basic technique, these two elements have given me 10/10 perfect shaves.

Also really important to remember that these may not work for everyone so take care. Mine in particular are totally contrary to the majority of peoples recommendations but I feel they are totally legitimate and worth a try.

1) For neck shaving, try forgetting about beard direction and go straight north to south, left to right etc. I have so many directions it was getting too complicated and irritated so I tried this on the advice of ichabod (i think, thanks) and it was perfect. No more irritation and much less complicated too!!

2) Once you have mastered slow and steady, try a quicker stroke, sort of swiping (not slashing, don't want any nicks!) at the area. Keeping the strokes really short I am finding this technique perfect because it's almost impossible to apply pressure because the blade is not on your face for even a second and also the strokes are so short that once the angle is ready and you 'swipe' the angle cannot change. So you are left with a stroke which had no pressure and perfect angle. Again, take care but do give it a try.

Hope this is a good thread!!

Thanks guys and gals!!

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Post by giammi »

Take your time - hurry can be the reason for cuts, nicks and irritations.
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Post by paperpundit »

Prep. Take your time and soften your beard, it makes all the difference in the world.

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Post by jww »

My two top tips?

1) Patience wins the race

2) MWF -- surprised????

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Post by RJ »

Don't change more than one varibale at a time. Otherwise, if all hell breaks loose, it will be hard to pinpoint the culprit.
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Post by M6Classic »

Just one brush. Just one soap. Just one razor. Ever.

Oh, never mind. :evil:

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Post by ateace »

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Post by rahul325 »

hair conditioner( i use Dove) on ur face as soon as u jump into the shower and leave it on till the end, wash ur face last, so ur stubble has a chance to become soft. this is something i do everyday without fail :)

Wet shaving is an expensive addiction :twisted:

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Post by drumana »

no pressure - let the razor do the work
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Post by BeatlesFan »

Prep. Take your time and soften your beard, it makes all the difference in the world.
+1 . . . and of course Tabac soap!
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Post by buster »

Learn to stretch the skin a bit while you're shaving. You'll cut more whiskers with fewer strokes and passes, leading to less irritation.

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Post by drmoss_ca »

Don't shave when drunk.

In fact, don't do anything.
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Post by drP »

Use a shaving brush.
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Post by Bob »

Practice, not products, will improve your shave the most.
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Post by notthesharpest »

Learn to say "good enough".
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Post by Hodari D. »

Ignore your wife. :D

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Post by ScottS »

Here's one paraphrased from Lynn at SRP:

If it hurts, stop
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Post by fallingwickets »

one pass only

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Post by Jonnieboy61 »

Finish the shave and rinse face with lots of cold water.

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Post by scruffy »

1. Close the toilet seat cover.

2. Relather frequently; Do not dry shave.

3. Make good thick lather.
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