Gave a presentation to my class on wet-shaving...

Thoughts and input on anything related to wet shaving or men's grooming.
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Gave a presentation to my class on wet-shaving...

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So I had to give a "demonstration" in a speech class at my university and I chose wet-shaving. All I did was show different razors, brushes and soaps, and I demonstrated how to build a lather. I couldn't bring razor blades to school, so I fudged it a bit and made a plastic "faux-blade," and then "shaved" a balloon. I talked about the frugality of it, the superior shaves and of course the technique. I gave a little history, and a little reasoning to why a safety razor could be better for skin.

I didn't get many questions because this class is very... uhmmm... unenthusiastic, to say the least. :roll: But one of the young ladies in the class asked me if I actually shaved that way. :D

The most interesting thing was that one guy actually came up to me after the class and told me that he "actually shave(d) that way." My instructor was impressed though, and really liked looking over my "gear."
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Cool! Hope you get an "A"!!
Take care and God bless,
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swarden43 wrote:Cool! Hope you get an "A"!!
...and that one inquisitive girl's number! 8)
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and that one inquisitive girl's number
+ 1000000000 on that idea
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That is very cool! I hope you get an A as well. I have been thinking of doing a small presentation at one of my church's mens group meetings
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I work for the audio visual department at a university and had to sit through a few speech classes and provide A/V assistance. I remember thinking to myself that if I were in that class, I would certainly be giving an informative speech on the benefits of wet shaving. Good stuff.
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Well done!
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Way to go, Justin!
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Attaboy -- top marks for disseminating classic shaving to the masses -- however un-attentive they were.

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Justin, Glad to hear that you followed through with this.....we're doing what we can.
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Baloosh wrote:
swarden43 wrote:Cool! Hope you get an "A"!!
...and that one inquisitive girl's number! 8)
...Actually, she's a very sweet girl! I know her boyfriend really well. Odd thing too, because I didn't know that this guy and that girl were "together" until today. It is a small university.
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Thanks for the follow-up, Justin!

All things considered, it sounds like it went very well. Nice job!

- Murray
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