Good to be a Shave My Face member

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Good to be a Shave My Face member

Post by JarmoP »

I just wanted to tell.

I have not experienced any of kiss my ass feeling from moderators of this site. They seem to know that we are participating to make this forum work with our posts.

Never I post a thread that has not some meaning in it. This is an exception of me posting a new thread.

The other site you all know has gillette vintage merchandising threads as a flood. And I feel it is a quite close warming circuit. Censoring this and that to make moderators to have power.

I hope this forum stays as it is and me being an appreciated member.

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Post by Aztecface »

Jarmo, I agree.
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Post by mate »

It's a shame when a forum is spoiled by over-bearing moderators feeling like they constantly have to be "doing" something, ie. undermining other forum users.

I've always felt this place was a gentleman's forum.
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Post by Squire »

This place is more like a gentleman's club where good behavior is expected.
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Post by m3m0ryleak »

I did not come to this site first when I began my DE learning curve, but I'm glad to be here now. There is a welcome sense of maturity at this locale. =D>
Thalay Sagar
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Post by Thalay Sagar »

It is the difference between NPR and cable news.

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Post by Benjy85 »

Squire wrote:This place is more like a gentleman's club where good behavior is expected.
Couldn't agree more with all of the comments, especially Squire's ... I like the lack of shave police on SMF, its like a true democracy where freedom of speech is encouraged.
Kind Regards, Ben
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Post by Dexterous »

Squire wrote:This place is more like a gentleman's club where good behavior is expected.
I couldn't agree more. Of the several message board I frequent this one, and The Shave Den, are the most civilized, informative, and pleasurable to read. It's very good to be among gentlemen who know how to conduct a conversation and to disagree without being disrespectful. There is too little of these qualities on the Internet but they abound here. I only wish there was a bricks and mortar place like this near my house.
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Post by TorzJohnson »


I also like it here very much. I like other forums too, but this place has a whole different environment that I enjoy a lot.

By the way I just noticed your PM from Oct 7th today. Shows how observant I am. I didn't want you to think I was rude, but instead just very
inattentive! :oops:

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Post by drmoss_ca »

mate wrote:It's a shame when a forum is spoiled by over-bearing moderators feeling like they constantly have to be "doing" something, ie. undermining other forum users.

I've always felt this place was a gentleman's forum.
I was going to post, but on second thoughts I had better keep quiet! :wink:

The strength of the forum is in its members, and we are lucky to have the best around.

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Post by Tye »

Squire wrote:This place is more like a gentleman's club where good behavior is expected.
And touching the talent!!!!
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Post by hookem11 »

The strength of SMF is the gentlemanly atmosphere. Bad behaviour is not tolerated either by the members or the moderators. Reasonable disagreement is acceptable, personal insult is not
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Post by KAV »

I thought my tenure here would be long enough to catch up with my WS learning curve and then be 'down the road.'
I was offline recently for 10 weeks because of personal family issues and that vulgar impediment called money. I returned to find myself BANNED from a forum I moderated for 8 years and two others for 'rude behaviour' in not replying to pms.
I'm sticking around ( no sighs please.)
Well, online at least. I have to go pick up a family member in Southern California traffic now. Pray for me. :(
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Post by desertbadger »

Well said, Jarmo!
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Post by fallingwickets »

this forum is fantastic because the ladies and gents that come here make it that way. 79 thumbs up

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Post by jww »

Niin on, Jarmo -- precisely one of the reasons I have never strayed from SMF to any other shaving site. Even as I have drifted to more activity in some photo and car forums, I still find myself rooted in this community. It is so much more about shaving -- and this group of folks is outstanding.

Thanks all -- and thanks Jarmo for bringing this up.


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Post by gsgo »

A big + on this one!

Thanks to all!
Good shaving,

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Post by gil3591 »

i agree with all the above. i rarely go to another site except to look at a review which can turn out to be useless. (hint)
i also enjoy the gentlemanly reparte`. i wonder, has a member ever been banned from this forum?
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Post by alcx77 »

Drawn by the decourum stay for the companionship. Great Group.

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Post by bernards66 »

Banned? Oh, yes indeed....BUT...we don't do so lightly, nor usually, quickly. It is a whole process that is gone through, one which gives the miscreant plenty of time to clean up his act ( if he's so inclined ). It is in such times that we really work....but most of the time we moderators are pretty lazy and content to kick back ( besides trying to be gentlemanly and mature, of course...harrumph! ). Anyway, Jarmo, I'm most pleased to hear that you feel you've found a comfortable 'home' here at SMF, and I'm glad that you chose to join us.
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