Un-satisfactory shave

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Un-satisfactory shave

Post by stagger »

Well, tonight I had my first un-satisfactory shave since turning to DE. Just couldn't get my soap right (Williams Mug). Was probably because I was in a hurry. Wound up with several weepers but fortunately no real nicks. Note to self.....SLOW DOWN and enjoy the shave.
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Post by tryAgain »

I hate it when that happens.

I can usually catch it and will myself to slow down before it all goes south, but...sometimes I guess I'm too wound up, and I just keep rushing. The end result is usually functional, but the experience is poor, and it's a forever lost opportunity to slow down, focus and enjoy life.
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Post by Sodapopjones »

I hear you, when I first started with the DE, I made sure to shave every day even if I was rushed and had a really bad shave.

Now unless I know I have time and am in the right frame of mind I shave otherwise its grunge Aaron day :lol:
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Post by gsgo »

Lesson learned, it takes a while but the more you shave the more comfortable you become and the quicker you can spot and recover from any mistakes. Definitely worth the effort.
Good shaving,

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Post by ChemErik »

One lesson I learned fairly early is that you can rush the actual shaving if you don't go ATG, but NEVER rush the preparation. If you rush the preparation, you'll get a bad shave every time.
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Post by m3m0ryleak »

Yes, make that thirty minutes or so your time and if you can't find the time, postpone till you can. Oh, treat yourself to real shaving soap, even VDH deluxe is an improvement over Williams. Heads for foxhole after that last remark :wink:
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Post by JarmoP »

Set backs are bound to happen in your learning route.

One of the most obvious one is to try shave BBS, when it should be more appropriate to consider to get a non irritating shave. To each new shave day consider more that not to get any irritation from a shave. And look what is left in stubble after. And perhaps try to find ways to shave them better next time.

Not to BBS, that thing is not something to aim to, but instead a good non irritating shave. I still don't shave my sharp jaw tip totally baby but. And to shave my upper lip ATG took like a half year before I managed to do that.

I still am not friends with too sharp blades like Feather under my chin ATG. The normal blades most like are just fine. It has to also do that my skin is quite dry and thin in winter cause of the cold climate. The Feather blade to avoid is for me all year around, but especially in winter time since it takes too much skin away.


EDIT: With any soap to get a good lather it is best to not use too much water. And to get a really thick lather looking like a "Santa Claus".

I know like I use my MWF. It is just soap on my face and not a thick lather from my relatively dry brush at first. I dip to sink just a few times when face lathering and it builds to a gorgeous lather. That is time to stop. It is thick but not too moist. Never used Williams though. The advice to not get too runny lather applies to my Tabac and Fat.
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Post by King-D »

I always remember the phrase: "It's not a race, it's your face"
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Shave in the shower!
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Post by smoothshaver »

ChemErik wrote:One lesson I learned fairly early is that you can rush the actual shaving if you don't go ATG, but NEVER rush the preparation. If you rush the preparation, you'll get a bad shave every time.
+1 Good preparation is key.
Sometimes it's best to decide on "good enough", rather than going for BBS.
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Post by Seamaster »

ChemErik wrote:One lesson I learned fairly early is that you can rush the actual shaving if you don't go ATG, but NEVER rush the preparation. If you rush the preparation, you'll get a bad shave every time.
Excellent summary.

One WTG pass using a sharp blade in my Slant is my in-a-hurry shave. But no skimping on the prep.
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Post by CJS »

Proper preparation prevents poor performance!

Even if you do have software issues (poor lather, etc.) you can almost always avoid cutting yourself if you just go slow with the razor.

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Post by KAV »

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Post by jww »

The keys to shaving success - according to Wendell.....

Blade angle
Razor pressure

When you add MWF to the mix - it's nirvana.

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Post by Squire »

Slow down says it all Mark.
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Post by Short Round »

Well I'm just a few months into the DE razor and brush lathering so take my advice with a bucket of salt.

If I can't take the time to do it right, I just use the goo. One pass and a few touch up on spots and drive on.

I'll catch up on a nice shave on the next day and not have the irritated patches to watch.
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Post by alcx77 »

Lately I have found that starting out the lathering process on the hand and transferring to the face once the desired consistancy has been created has helped improve my routine. Finally found Williams in a local CVS and since my VDH is low the Williams is up next in my base soap rotation.
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Post by Trumperman »

Old Chinese proverb:

"A good lather is half the shave"

Now go little butterfly and practice..... :lol:



It's not really a Chinese proverb but it sounds good.
Don't think......shave.
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