The worlds greatest barbershop

Thoughts and input on anything related to wet shaving or men's grooming.
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Gary, I don't think there is any connection between Cella and Mr. Bombieri's establishment.

As for Alexander the Great, well ( jeez! it's rude to get into this nitpicking, but I can't help myself )....he was what passed for clean shaven almost certainly for personal psychological reasons....and no, I don't want to get into the details, and his army defeated the Persians in every battle they fought ( three major ones ). The Macedonian soldiery wore beards, BUT, it is true that they kept them short so that they could not be used against them in close combat. The Persians, on the other hand, tended to wear long beards. Alexander did popularize the clean shaven look in that part of the world however, and the motif did pass to Rome via Sicily, where there were Greek city-states at the time.

I've been aware of this shop for several years, having learned of it from Chris back in the days of the old forum. I've combed the internet for further information on it, coming up with precious little, so I'm delighted that they finally have their own website....and that Chris let us know that they now did. No question but that I'd do whatever was necessary to visit the place if ever I am in northern Italy. Bully for them, I say!
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I don't know.

I would say this shop has my vote


snaked the pic from Epic Win
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Free whisky is pretty hard to beat.
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Wonder if a sneaky ex-wife hung the sign.
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Chris, Thank You for this. Yes I have known about this establishment as well. I think from an old thread by Chris. I would love to go there and try their different treatments. I don't know if anyone has noticed, but if you look at the picture with all the bottles... there are 2 very old Trumper's bottles there.
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My favourite book of escapism is James Hilton's LOST HORIZONS.
I am drawn to the High Lama's ideal of a world repository of the arts and good manners when everything else is destroyed.
Your barbershop is one such place, filling the german philosophical ideal of weltsmerz <sp> of longing for a place one has never been to.
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