Once upon a time circa 2006: Naming names

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Once upon a time circa 2006: Naming names

Post by fallingwickets »

a lot of the existing members of smf and the newbies used a name when signing a post. Lately it seems that new members don't care what they are called. I have a few choice names, but I will refrain.

Is it just me and my poor becks reduced brain cell that feels somewhat miffed when a gentleman does not want to be addressed by a proper name, real or imagined??

Personally as of now I am on strike. If you can't bother to sign a post with a name, I cannot bother to respond to your post (not that I would contribute anything meaningful anyway, but still!! haha)

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Post by KAV »

Clive, names online can compromise offline privacy as a recent thread attests.
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Post by Araner »

I agree with what's his name, err, I mean Clive. Signing a post is a gentlemanly thing to do. It doesn’t have to be ones real name complete with social security number, just a respectable name by which one can be addressed. Anyway, that’s my opinion; don’t take it seriously.
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Post by Aztecface »

I concur.

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Post by marsos52 »

clive,,, my thoughts are the same as yours

with that said,,, this is the only forum i have been where most sign with there real name ending there post

other forums just state what they have to state and that is all she wrote\

presonally i like our way. it gives me the feeling that we are true and honest freinds

much more personal

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Post by Gareth »

Clive, yes I have also noticed a movement towards this and had considered posting something similar myself. Personally I feel the forum would be an even friendlier place if we ALL used our first names.

I understand what Chris (KAV) is saying, however I don't believe that giving out your first name alone is enough to compromise your privacy. For example, the one and only time I was 'discovered' on SMF was due to my own foolishness; I had disclosed my full name and location in posts. I have since had all of these edited so that it can't happen again. Now, if anyone 'finds' me, I am only 'Gareth from North Wales'. There is no way that anyone snooping on me could work out who I am based on that information alone.

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Post by function »

On another forum I frequent a member has the habit of putting his name at the end of his every post immediately following a comma. It appeared to me that he was calling everybody that name.

However, I understand and appreciate the desire to strive for gentlemanly conversation on the board, Nick

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Post by fishgutmartyr »

My apologies. I wasn't aware of the convention here. I did notice a lot of members did include their first name, however I am used to the standard of not providing it.

I have fixed it in my signature, and hopefully my first name isn't so unique that my other information is quickly revealed.


Hopefully, this works.

I'll think of something clever eventually.
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Post by prism »

John, is that you? I've been looking all over for you!
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Post by Racso_MS »

If anyone has ever bought, borrowed, gave away, or loaned a razor, shaving cream/creme, or other shaving products to another member on this forum (and I've done plenty), I know most of your first and last names and many of you know mine (including addresses, although I can't remember many).

I feel that the responses to posts are more personal if you provide at least your first name or nick name. I've made this reference on several posts about new members adding a signature block to their profile. I hate to reply to a member named "flabbergasted". It just doesn't feel right.

I'm in agreement with those of you who (or is it whom) think the individual who posts a thread should at least provide his/her first name.

Me: I go by Racso_MS, It's my first name in reverse (Oscar) from Mississippi (MS) as abbreviated. What the hell, just call me Bubba... :D
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Post by BullGoose »

I was guilty of this. I have now added my name to my signature. :oops:
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- Phil
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Post by cjc15153 »

I like that about this forum and I think it makes things more civil. However my name is Christopher and there were (and are) several more prominant Chrises.

The fact that the name is so common makes it less of a privacy problem but the name Chris is almost too common to be useful here.

I'll be Chris #6, as to my knowledge there were none of those until just now.
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Post by CMur12 »

We used to ask new members if they had a name we could call them. It does make communication more personally connecting.

I also like it when people put information about themselves in their profiles. It helps to know where members are from when they ask about vendors, and a little information about professions and interests also helps to make connections.

- Murray
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Post by Chaps »

You know, its funny...I was just reviewing some of my older posts made in '06 to see when I started using my first name and then I saw this thread. When I first joined SMF in 2006, I went by "Chaps". I used that name because I was a Chaplain Assistant in the military and I was also a Police Chaplain. It didn't take me too long, though, to start signing my posts with my real first name which is..................

Danny :D :D :D :D :D

"Because I prefer the cool, clean sweep of the tempered steel as it glides smoothly--" Cary Grant as he is shaving in a scene from "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House"
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Post by Chaps »

CMur12 wrote:
I also like it when people put information about themselves...and a little information about... interests also helps to make connections.

- Murray
"Hi...My name is Danny. I am 5'8" and "Husky". I like long walks on the beach and I love to curl up with a good book in front of a roaring fire. Oh...and I also pray for world peace. :lol: :lol: :lol: "

Sorry, Murray...I just couldn't resist :D I remember as a teenager (many years ago) that was the profile info and interests of the ladies that were in the magazines I had stashed away. Except their names weren't Danny and they definitely weren't husky. I think I'll shut up now before I have to leave the ministry :D


"Because I prefer the cool, clean sweep of the tempered steel as it glides smoothly--" Cary Grant as he is shaving in a scene from "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House"
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Post by brz90 »

I confess I'm guilty of this discourtesy probably because I've been just a little paranoid of the kind of unlooked for disclosure of private and personal interests that Gordon has described in another thread. I've even been occasionally addressed as Brz without responding to the gentle hint. But I've got a high opinion of this forum and its regulars and so I shall sign off properly in future.
And while I'm on a roll I shall express my gratitude to all for the enhanced pleasure of each and every morning's shave courtesy of this rare and gentlemanly forum.
Best regards.
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Post by reggiano »

I'm Reggiano on this forum, but anyone who has done business with me knows my name is Jeremy, and Gordon calls me Jeremy here. I like using Reggiano, it's a nickname and it works for me, and folks here call me Reg, which is cute.

-Reggiano McReggiano
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Post by Sam »

Well, I am bad about signing my name but my screen name is my name. And oh, the pic of me is not recent but pretty much is how I look on a good day.
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Post by GollyMrScience »

This is the only forum that seems to have gravitated towards the civil exchange of at least first names.
On most other forums the monicker follows the screen name.
Don't worry though if you don't feel like following the crowd here -use whatever name you want - I don't care, though be careful what you chose as a name. I might take to shortening it or coming up with a short sweet nickname for you so I don't spend all day typing some screen name like ShaveMyFaceBackwardsintheMirror33E3 or some other long winded nonsense.
If I do have to come up with a shorter name you might not like it. Govern yourself accordingly.

What the heck - lets just keep mixin' stuff together till it blows up or smells REALLY bad!!

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Post by desertbadger »

59 thumbs up, Clive!

Gotta have the "Fat"!
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