Shaving in the Shower

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Shaving in the Shower

Post by divotmax »

I rarely shave in the shower, and have not done so for quite some time. However, my current schedule allows for some extra time so I thought I would give it a try. I found a couple of chunks of hard soap and dug out a DE I had not used in some time and put it on the razor hanger I had installed in the shower several years ago. Once in the shower, I found that making a lather with the chunks of soap worked very well, creating a thick, luxurious, and slick lather. The razor I was using had a bulbous resin handle, and I found out how slick the lather was when I couldn't hold on to the razor after a couple of strokes. The reaction to dropping something is to try to reach out and catch it; not the best reaction for a falling razor blade. The good thing is you might catch it, the bad thing is you might catch it (on the wrong end.) It would also seem to be intuitive that a naked male in the shower would step back away from the spinning razor, unless one wants to risk either a first or second circumcision. Actually, my subconscious was in gear and I did move back some. The last common reaction to a falling object is to stick out one's foot to try to break the fall of the object, also not the best response (I speak from experience) for the reasons noted above. I escaped with a fairly minor cut on a toe, and the razor survived. I still do not know why some razor manufacturers make razors with slick handles and no knurling; they must be some sort of masochists. That razor found it's way back into the storage box and will not see the light of day for a long time. I finished the shave in the sink. If I do have a lapse of good sense and shave in the shower again, I will use a lightweight plastic disposable razor not designed to remove or injure any body parts except the occasional whisker.
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Post by Sam »

You get used to it. More likely is flinging the brush as you try to shake the water out.
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Post by ShadowsDad »

My buddy tried that, but he had problems with the amount of light available.

He reverted to shaving after the shave.

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Post by Baloosh »

ShadowsDad wrote:
He reverted to shaving after the shave.
An exercise in existentialism rarely afforded in our times. Kudos to him. :wink:
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Post by TommyDawg »

HAHA! A very enjoyable post. Thanks for sharing!
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Post by bernards66 »

Bob, Yeessss....well...despite Sam', many of us have always felt that shaving whilst in the shower was kind of modern barbarism...just not the thing for gentlemen...or members of a trad. shave forum. I remember when poor AndySam was reduced to it by the time demands of his govt. job. Poor sod, he was always hacking himself up and feeling shameful...and this by a man who was orginally taught how to shave by one of the senior barbers at Trumpers. Sigh...his PMs on the subject were pitiful to read.
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Post by ateace »

One thing I've learned here is never to judge something after the first time.

The whole experience was alien to you. I bet things will smooth out if you try it for a week.
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Post by jww »

ateace wrote:One thing I've learned here is never to judge something after the first time.

The whole experience was alien to you. I bet things will smooth out if you try it for a week.
+1 -- this is wet shaving -- and everything carries a ymmv caveat --- gotta admit though, it isn't for the Woolfat Evangelist. :wink:

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Post by Squire »

I wouldn't try it for a day unless I had a compelling reason.
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Post by Sam »

I will admit that I did shave at the sink when I had to travel out of town this week and did get quite a good shave.
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Post by brothers »

I've never fully envisioned myself taking a shower, and then when the showering part ends, theoretically, I just leave the water running, raining down on me interminably and then I begin the shaving process without any shelves to lay stuff on, building the lather and brushing it on my soaking wet face and then going through two or three passes without a mirror, still in a drenching shower, my hands wet and maybe not able to hold onto the soap or cream container, or the razor for that matter, and I haven't got a clue how the brush maintains the charge of rich well developed lather between passes. I wouldn't want to even begin to suject a straight razor to this kind of excessive water. This doesn't seem practical or even literally possible. That's why I haven't considered it seriously, and never can. No offense to those who seem to enjoy it. Different strokes, etc.

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Post by fatcity »

The process is the enjoyable part
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Post by Glasstream15 »

I do occasionally shave in the shower. BUT, it's a quick, scrape off the worst of it to get a fair shave and go to a retired person's part time job.
I use (Flame proof suit on) Bath & Body Works Shower Gel and a garage sale brass Trac II handle with store brand carts. No mirror, just sorta feel where I need a bit more and get done.

No it is NOT a great, or even good shave but it's acceptable for my part time job if I'm running late and I frequently am. 5 or 6 uses from 35 cent cartridges isn't bad either and the shave is, not good but comfortable.

Much prefer the whole process, with 2 full passes, full lather, face lather, and, mostly, Schick Injector razors.

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Post by CMur12 »

I haven't shaved in the shower for some time, but when I did, I just used shampoo for lather and I shaved with a Schick Tracer twin-blade. I didn't need a mirror, either, and it worked passably well for a single pass and a little touch-up.

At the time, I couldn't figure out why I got such a better shave in the shower with shampoo for lather than I got at the sink with canned lather. The big difference of course was beard prep, as the shower softened up my beard and made for an easier cut.

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Post by Racso_MS »

Not quite sure why this thread was revived, but:

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Post by mantic »

I recently contributed to a “crowdfunding” project on Indiegogo, “Dave’s Shower Shave.” It works kind of like a shave stick: its a puck of shaving soap in a holder (with a little mirror on it), specifically made to be used for shaving in the shower. Its low-lathering (just massage it in a little with your fingers) though it might be brush-friendly too (I’ll be checking this later). Coincidentally I received my pucks yesterday and used one (“Spruce Jojoba” scent) in this morning’s shower. I normally don’t shave in the shower so I decided not to tempt fate with a DE and instead used a Sensor-compatible two blade razor (Dollar Shave Club twin). I got a damn fine 1.5 pass shave! It was really nice. I’m going to follow up with the project’s initiator to see if he’s planning to follow up with a regular website and what their pricing is going to be.

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