ATG revisited

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If I shave every day I can do a one pass ATG on cheeks and neck with a WTG and XTG on chin. A boar brush delivers just the right amount and quality of lather for this. But since I usually use a badger brush, I shave my cheeks WTG and ATG, and chin and neck WTG and XTG.
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At our winter times, for me at least i try use some milder blades than in summer. As our skins are now thinner.

Regardless my shave things remain the same, wtg and bit xtg on first pass. And more xtg and a bit against the grain on second.

It maybe just me and maybe sounds funny but my touch up pass does not really use much atg, rather just go sideways on my upper lip from lip to nose while in my second pass i go up there. And overall my touch up pass is more like with the grain than the second one.
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