Wilkinson Bonded for travel?

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Wilkinson Bonded for travel?

Post by Gene »

Greetings all,

I am thinking about a different system for when I travel. I usually take a 3-piece DE that breaks down easily, but lately I've been thinking about something different.

I am considering my injector (mainly because I have a plastic travel tube that the injector fits into nicely)...but the blades are only so-so.

Then I trolled the archives - because I was also thinking about the old Wilkinson bonded system. Most folks seem to feel they are a decent shave, with a long lasting blade. Might be just the ticket.

A quick peek on eBay, and new ones are still there - on blister packs or cardboard tubes - all NOS. Still seem to be some NOS blades, too.

So - for our panel - your thoughts on the Wilks?

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Re: Wilkinson Bonded for travel?

Post by rsp1202 »

Gene, I've heard the WB is an excellent razor system. If you don't want to try the Feather MR3 NEO cartridge system, or are finding current injector blades a no-go, then this might suit. I'd be interested in hearing what your take is on it afterwards.
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Re: Wilkinson Bonded for travel?

Post by BeatlesFan »

Ah, yes, the dreaded air travel problem. Gotta love that TSA . . .

I have a WB razor (someplace), and I certainly bought and used one when they first came out in the 1970s. In fact, back in the day, Consumer Reports tested a bunch of cartridge razors and found the WB to be the best of the bunch. They're fairly similar, I think, to (say) a disposable Bic. They work fine, but certainly aren't (IMO) in any sense "better" than a DE razor, and (in consequence) I didn't keep up my long-term usage.

The WB should be OK with the TSA, but you can never guaranty anything with those people. I travel frequently by air and avoid checked luggage whenever possible. My own personal solution has been the Schick Hydro 3, which does a nice job and is certainly TSA compliant. But the WB ought to get past the security check and would certainly be a fine air travel razor.

Best of luck with your travel kit!
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Re: Wilkinson Bonded for travel?

Post by jww »

The only razor I take in carry-ons for air travel are Bic disposables .... I still have quite a supply of the Sensitive single blade and they perform well in a pinch.

Of course, my air travel has all but gone away since I took the early retirement last fall, and I only travel on occasion when my wife and I are taking an extended trip of some kind. Nothing planned in the near future, I gotta get me some contracts first so as to fund the said travel. My wife just reminded me that we will have our 35th anniversary this fall, and we gotta do something "big". Not sure what that means -- I'd be happy with a couple of weeks in North Yorkshire --- as I know she would as well. We'll have to see.

TSA is a pain ... they are never consistent, and it seems that each airport has their own "nuances" in what they will accept and not accept in carry on.

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